Nettle for hair loss.

Nettle for hair loss.

Infusion of nettle for hair loss.
Nettle is a favorite among the plants used in hair cosmetology. Its aboveground part has a unique composition. It contains such useful substances:

vitamins: C (10 times more than lemon), B1, B2, E, K;
trace elements (potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron);
organic acids;

Nettle intensively nourishes hair follicles, accelerates hair renewal and growth. All thanks to the positive effect of the plant on the scalp. It works in two directions:

restores regeneration processes;
improves blood microcirculation.
To stop hair loss, it will be enough even to rinse them with nettles after each wash. This procedure will have a good effect on their external condition.


restores hair structure;
makes the strands smooth;
gives shine.

The results from herbal medicine are not instantaneous. It takes several months to notice the effect of the application.


Nettle leaves — 1 tbsp. l.
Water for infusion — 200-250 ml
Rinse water — 1 l


To prepare a healing infusion according to this recipe, you can take both fresh and dry raw materials — prepared independently or purchased at a pharmacy. If you have fresh nettles, rinse them thoroughly using gloves.

Place the nettles in a saucepan. Pour 200-250 ml of boiling water.
Prepare a water bath. Place the container on it for 15 minutes.

Remove the product and cover. Leave it on for 45 minutes.
Strain the infusion and dilute it with a liter of water.
Rinse clean, freshly washed hair.


Nutrition and strengthening of hair follicles.
Stimulating growth.
Restoring the structure.
Elimination of scalp irritation.
Giving elasticity and shine.

Nettle for hair loss.

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