Last fall, I fell in the street, bumping my elbow. Neuritis. The bruise seemed to be gone in two weeks. That is, and the swelling was asleep, and the bruise was gone. But the pain for some reason did not pass. A month later I could not stand it and ran to the doctor.

The surgeon told me that I have neuritis. After an impact, the ulnar nerve was inflamed. They wrote me a massage and physiotherapy. Anesthetics and anti-inflammatory drugs were prescribed.

My sister, as soon as she found out that I was going to drink «chemistry», brought me a tincture of raspberries on vodka. The best, he says, is not found an anti-inflammatory drug.


The circuit for me in a notebook wrote down — how to drink. I began to take first 20 drops of tincture 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals. So drank the first 10 days. Then 30 drops (the second 10 days). Then 50 drops (the third 10 days). Further it is necessary to drink on 30 drops 2 more months. That is, the general course is 3 months.

Now I have been drinking this tincture for 2 months. To the elbow I put red pottery clay, in which I add a little bit of vinegar. From clay with vinegar I make a cake and attach it with a bandage for the night.

So you need to do 3 nights in a row. Then a few days break. Again I put clay. In the morning, the rests of clay are completely washed off.

Pain worries me less and less, although I do not drink tablets at all. I have already passed the course of massage. Now the break is small, then I repeat it again.

Sister praises his tincture. She says that it’s because of her elbow hurt less. My wife wrote down the recipe so that we can cook it ourselves.

The tincture is made elementary. On one part of the leaves and stems of raspberries are taken three parts of vodka. Insists for nine days, then filtered.

How can you defeat jade?

Herbs for cooking infusion. A teaspoon of grass to pour boiling water. Infuse the night, drink in the morning. The next day, brew again and so drink.
You will feel better. In two weeks it is necessary to hand over analyzes.

What kind of plant was it? They were «horned cornflowers,» or else the grass is called «the wildness of the field.»
Just drink this pot, probably about six months, and everything will pass.



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