Neurological diseases.

Good night, mom! Insomnia during pregnancy.

Neurological diseases.

According to statistics, about 80% of women in pregnancy experience with sleep disturbances. There is even such a concept of «insomnia of pregnant women». Neurological diseases.
It is due to the fact that during the period of expectation of the child in the body of a woman there are significant physiological changes, certain changes are observed at the emotional level, and they may well affect the woman’s sleep.

Neurological diseases.

But a normal dream to a future mother is doubly necessary:
She needs to sleep for herself, and for the baby who lives inside, and insomnia probably will not do him good. What to do? How to establish a dream?

The first step to solving problems with sleep should be strict adherence to the regime.
Particular attention should be paid to this proc

About the importance of the regime.

ess during the last trimester of pregnancy, when the periods of sleep-wakefulness the baby becomes very close to the mother. During this period, the need for a full-fledged sleep becomes extremely important, both from the emotional and from the physical point of view.
As the baby develops inside, the body of the mother produces about 3 additional liters of blood, and the heart beats twice as intensively, because now it works for two.
This can lead to the fact that you will be warmer than usual, and complicate the night rest. Try to sleep exclusively on cotton sheets in a well ventilated room.

Insomnia during pregnancy.

In such an important period of life it is necessary to strive to be sure that nothing can interfere with your full night’s rest.
Know that late meals and a feeling of overeating, as well as stuffy rooms are the most common causes of sleep disturbances.

During the last 10 weeks of pregnancy, every day a child passes through the womb in three stages: the stage of spillage, active sleep and deep sleep.
The first two stages are related to the period when the child moves more actively. These movements are amazing and incredibly funny. Kicks, kicking and stretching of hands.
In the last weeks, when the baby is already tight in the abdomen, his movements can be painful — he can even wake you up.

You can try to keep a diary, noting in it the time when the baby is most active. This will provide an opportunity to learn the individual sleep time of the child after he is born.
Those future mothers who try to follow the regime, especially during the last period of pregnancy, will be more prepared for the birth of the child and the first weeks of caring for him.

Advice mammache.

And now let’s talk about ways to cope with insomnia during pregnancy.
All chemical sleeping pills, sedatives and tranquilizers to future mothers are prohibited. As for plants, when you are pregnant you can use traditional soothing herbs matron salmon and valerian, as well as tea, consisting of orange, lavender, lemon balm, licorice, thyme and mint.

To improve sleep, you can use aromatherapy. You can make a sleeping pill, stuffing it with buckwheat husk or thyme, leaves laurel of the noble or hazel (hazel), flowers of the immortelle, pine needles, cones of hops, grass of geraniums, rose petals.
Restoring sleep is helped by a warm bath with the addition of essential oils:
Lavender, mint, chamomile, orange or broths of calendula flowers, herbaceous, mint, oregano, and respiratory exercises for relaxation.

Very useful is the evening leisurely walk: it calms the nerves and with every step more and more rocking the child, plunging him into sleep.
Well, among other things, a walk in the fresh air causes fatigue, and a tired woman sleeps easier.

An ancient tried and tested remedy for insomnia, safe for pregnant women, is honey with milk. Milk contains a hypnotic substance — tryptophan, and honey contributes to its rapid penetration into the blood. Milk with honey before going to bed has the same calming effect as tea from melissa.

Almost all future mothers have certain problems with choosing a comfortable sleep position. It is best to sleep on one side by placing one pillow under the belly, the other under the head, the third put between the knees.
They will prop up the body, thereby relieving the load from the spine.
If you were sleeping on your stomach or back before pregnancy, you should try to sleep on your side from time to time in the first months of pregnancy.
Then it will be easier to retrain.

By the way, in the position on the back, many women become ill, as the child makes access to blood and oxygen difficult through a large hollow vein located in front of the spine. The position on the left side at the end of pregnancy can cause a lack of oxygen, as the pressure on the heart increases.


Neurological diseases.

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