Noble posture.

Noble posture.

Noble posture. Posture is an involuntary habitual position of a person in a state of rest and movement. Posture we form ourselves.

Beautiful proud posture. This is not only a spectacular appearance. But also a strong corset of ligaments, muscles, and a healthy spine! Who among us does not dream about it?

Noble posture.

Want to test your posture? There are two ways.

1. Remove the shoes and stand with your back to the vertical surface (wall, without skirting). Lean your head, shoulder blades, buttocks and heels. You must maintain the natural position of the body. Estimate the correctness of your posture. Without excessive deflection and stretching. When you touch the pedestal, you should easily push the palm between the waist and the wall. A greater distance indicates an excessive deflection in the lower back.

2. Stand sideways to the mirror and draw an imaginary line from the upper point of the shoulder through the hip joint and the knee to the middle of the foot. This line should be absolutely straight! If the line is undulating — train!
I propose four effective exercises. Try and be pleasantly surprised.

Noble posture.

• Stand with your back to the wall. Legs slightly spread out. Expand your shoulders. Put your hands along the trunk. Pull in your stomach, lift your chin slightly. Heels, calves and shoulders should touch the wall.

The waist is located at a thickness of the palm from the wall. Close your eyes. Lock this position. Keep it until you feel tension. You must learn how to stand effortlessly for at least a minute.

• Stand on your knees. Raise your hands up. Join them and twist your fingers. Slowly bend back, while withdrawing your hands. Remain in this position for 2 to 5 minutes. Doing this exercise, you stretch all the back muscles, even the smallest ones.

• This exercise can be performed both standing and sitting. Leave your right hand behind your right shoulder. Try to grasp it with the fingers of your left hand. Gently pull your left hand with your right hand. Hold in this position.

Gently pull the right arm down with your left hand. Hold in this position. Repeat the exercise by changing the position of the hands. If you can not connect your fingers behind your back. Then use a handkerchief or a piece of cloth, holding hands with the ends. Count to 5, taking the right pose. Perform 5 moves up and 5 moves down.

Noble posture.

• Lie on the floor, hands along the trunk, palms down. Completely relax. Slowly lift your legs up at right angles. Relying on your hands, try to lift the pelvis from the floor, supporting it with your hands. Slowly straighten.

Stretch out your whole body. Hold in a position that you can hold. Start with 30 seconds, gradually increasing the time from 3 to 5 minutes. Any elevation angle is better than none.

In addition to affecting the spine, this exercise brings so much benefit that it is difficult to list everything. The most interesting is the effect on the thyroid gland.
Be beautiful and healthy!


Noble posture.

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