Numb hands.

Numb hands: what to do?

Numb hands.

If numb hands (or feet), the required grass improving nerve conduction. These herbs are Shandra and asparagus. I especially like to use when Shandra numbness of extremities. Numb hands.

Recently, I myself began to feel that I have at night numb hand — and turned to help Shandra. I must say that this plant helps to very quickly — it is enough to drink just a week to ten days.

Numb hands.

A tablespoon of chopped Shandra (used aboveground part of the plant, which is harvested in June-August), pour 0.5 liters of boiled water, to cool, strain and drink this infusion as tea during the day.

Infusion hoarhound not only improves the nerve conduction, but also removes nervousness, and is also useful for the liver.

When hands go numb at night, one can assume the occurrence of pathologies of the cervical spine, heart and blood vessels.

Folk recipes allow you to improve your own condition, reduce the frequency of unpleasant symptoms.

Let’s consider the main ones:

Chopped garlic cloves are poured into a container, poured with vodka, infused for 2 weeks, 5 drops are used per 1 tea. lies. water 2 times a day before meals for one and a half months.

You need to grind round black pepper into powder, then pour in vegetable oil, cook for 30 minutes, stir from time to time. Rub the warm product into your hands 2-3 times a day. Many patients note the effectiveness of this recipe.

The wrist can be tied with a woolen thread, after a while the fingers will stop growing numb.

Add hot water at the optimum temperature to the bowl. At the bottom of the bowl, you need to periodically press your fingers. Each hand must be used in turn. This technique restores the sensitivity of the fingers, reduces the frequency of numbness.

Barrel cucumbers are effective. Finely chopped vegetables are mixed with hot pepper pods, sent to a container, filled with alcohol or vodka. After a couple of days, the product can be used for rubbing.

Numb hands.

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