Oil from dandelions.

Oil from dandelions.

Healing oil from dandelions will put on feet. Oil from dandelions.
Spring came and on the glades appeared bright yellow flowers of dandelions. The beauty is indescribable. They are very fond of bees when they collect honey.

But it would be nice to draw people’s attention to this wonderful plant. There is a sea of ​​good in it: the leaves are added to salads and soups, to herbal tea.

From the yellow heads you get an excellent jam: it looks more like honey to the taste and appearance. And that’s not all: our ancestors prepared medicines from the plant. It is also used for the treatment of infections, gallbladder and liver diseases, and it is also a diuretic.

Oil from dandelions.

How many of you know that dandelions are one of the most effective means for relieving pain in joints and muscles. The plant helps in the treatment of arthritis, gout, eliminates spasms and headaches.

Healing oil from dandelions, which is easy to prepare at home from the yellow heads, will put any person on its feet.

It is considered the most powerful means of affecting the entire body. I want to remind you rightly how to properly collect flowers: always away from highways and large industrial production.

The required ingredient is only two:

• 500 grams of dandelion flowers (yellow);
• one liter of quality vegetable oil (cold pressed).

Healing oil from dandelions. Step by step cooking process.

1. In dry sunny weather (just this one and stands on the street), collect the yellow hats of dandelions. Fold them in a dry clean jar, of a suitable size (one liter). It is not necessary to wash flowers in any case.

2. Fill the flowers with vegetable oil, Close the neck of the can of gauze. We put in a warm sunny place for three weeks.

3. As soon as the plant changes color (will turn brown). Filter through the gauze. We pour into a bottle of dark glass. Close and store in a cool place.

4. If you wait three weeks do not want to. Then you can do it differently. Mix dandelions with butter. Warm up in a water bath for 30-60 minutes, on the smallest fire.

5. We pour the mixture into the jar. We leave for one day in a warm sunny place. Then everything is as in the first case. Filter through gauze. We pour into a dark bottle. We store in a cool place.

6. With proper storage, such oil can stand for a year.

7. Do you know that the flowers of a dandelion can be frozen. In winter use for cooking oil.

Oil from dandelions.

Healing oil from dandelions will help with liver diseases and stones in the gallbladder, as choleretic, with frequent constipation — and any problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Inside take one tablespoon, three times a day, while eating.

With articular pains, it is necessary to rub the affected areas with oil, 2-3 times a day, which will give a permanent anesthetic effect. Having filled with such oil any vegetable salad (instead of vegetable oil), you will make it more useful and tasty.

This ointment can help with herpes, eczema, wounds, burns and boils. And she will save you from scabies and insect bites.


Oil from dandelions.

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