Oils for the treatment of gastritis.

Oils for the treatment of gastritis.

Oils for the treatment of gastritis. According to folk doctors, oils eliminate the symptoms of gastritis in the form of acute pain and a feeling of heaviness, exerting a mild effect on the inflamed organ.

1. In the presence of a hyperplastic type of disease, it is recommended to drink a tablespoon of olive oil every morning. If desired, the procedure can be repeated three times a day. Two weeks later, relief comes.
Olive oil is the strongest choleretic. The laxative effect is especially noticeable when taken on an empty stomach.

2. Flaxseed oil has a high content of linoleic acid and vitamin E, which are necessary for normal digestion. Due to the enveloping effect, its administration (by teaspoon before breakfast and lunch, washed down with warm water) alleviates pain in acute gastritis and helps to relieve chronic discomfort. Also, oil can be added to salads. To produce treatment is indicated for at least three months.

3. To normalize digestion and get rid of heartburn every day all autumn (period of exacerbation), it is recommended to use sea buckthorn oil in its pure form — a few small spoons before breakfast and dinner. After a month of therapy, a short break is indicated.

4. Pathology with normal acidity is treated with noble umbilical, caraway, lemon, lavender, white santalum and lemon balm oils. The daily dose is five drops diluted in 150 ml of water.
Self-administration of essential oils is a dangerous procedure. The development of a severe allergic reaction is likely.

5. In case of inflammation of the stomach of a hyperacid type, the recommended oils are: bergamot, basil, black pepper, wild carrots, garlic, juniper, marjoram, rosemary, sage, coriander, sweet dill, peppermint.

6. In the morning on an empty stomach take 1 tbsp. l sunflower oil. Dissolve within half an hour.

7. For low acidity, home-made garlic oil is recommended. A couple of heads of garlic are ground, put in a container of glass and pour 450 ml of unrefined vegetable oil. After a day, add the juice of a couple of lemons. They are kept for a week in a place protected from sunlight. Use oil on a dessert spoon three times before meals.

Mud for the treatment of gastritis.

Mud therapy is one of the most recommended traditional medicine methods. Its use is possible not only in a sanatorium, but also at home.

1. A blanket is placed on the couch, a towel and oilcloth over it. Cover with a piece of coarse cloth, on which silt mud is distributed at a temperature of 38 degrees. The patient lies on the couch with his stomach. Previously, a layer of silt mud is also applied to his stomach. On top of the patient is covered with a towel and a blanket. The procedure is performed for a quarter of an hour. The course is fifteen sessions. Recommended therapy for a chronic form of the disease in remission.

2. White clay is mixed with moisture to a dense mass. Apply to the abdomen, distributing a thin layer. The first procedure lasts 10 minutes. Each subsequent (there are only ten) should last longer.

3. A small amount of sand is mixed with water. The slurry is transferred to a tissue bag and applied to the abdomen for half an hour, covering with a towel and a piece of tissue from above. The course is ten sessions. It is indicated for acute inflammation of the stomach.

The recipe is dangerous because such procedures are not performed in the acute period. Otherwise, you can harm your health and aggravate the course of the pathological process.

Oils for the treatment of gastritis.

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