Ointments for fungus.

Ointments for fungus.

In a 1: 1 ratio, mix petroleum jelly and onion gruel. The composition is placed in a glass container, covered with a lid and stored in the refrigerator. They treat painful skin areas, including those located in the inguinal region, twice a day for three weeks.

A teaspoon of copper sulfate is calcined in a pan until it becomes white. Mix with a teaspoon of yellow sulfur and the same amount of goose fat. Heated in a water bath until smooth. Apply to sick nail plates once a day until the end of the ointment.

To ten parts of the oily base, two are mixed — sulfur powder and three — birch tar. Heated in a water bath until a homogeneous mass. Once a day, affected areas of onychomycosis are treated. They are treated until the end of the composition.

Take 50 ml of tar of birch and glycerol, add 70 ml of medical alcohol. Apply to the nails of hands or feet several times a day, applying a band-aid on top. The recommended course duration is two weeks.

To a tablespoon of chopped tar soap, add twice as much baking soda. The ointment is applied to problem areas with onychomycosis through a toothbrush. Leave for four hours. Repeat in the evenings until the end of the ointment.

Ointments for fungus.

Connect five drops of freshly squeezed celandine juice, 4 tbsp. l cool purified water, a couple of drops of calendula tincture and a similar amount of oregano juice. The ointment is used to treat areas with onychomycosis three times a day until the end of the drug.
The recipe indicates pure celandine juice, the use of which can lead to allergies.

To treat a fungus on the head, an ointment of 10 g of calendula flowers, 30 g of burdock root and 25 g of hop cones is prepared. They are mixed with petroleum jelly (two for one part of the raw material — petroleum jelly). Use three times until the end. It can also be applied to the skin of the face with dermatomycosis.

Table vinegar (9%) is mixed with henna until smooth. Use at night, applying to the diseased nail plate. Wrap with a bandage on top. In the morning, wash your feet or hands with cool water.

Smokeless powder is crushed in sour cream. Within three days, they are applied to the affected areas with dermatomycosis and epidermophytosis.

Highly effective in the treatment of fungus on the legs of the leg is given an ointment from a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, 40 ml of eucalyptus oil and 15 ml of liquid honey. Insist in a cold place for three days. Use daily several times.

Ointments for fungus.

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