Ointments for mastopathy.

Ointments for mastopathy.

Ointments prepared from improvised means are called an effective alternative to pharmaceutical preparations. Apply the selected ointment to the skin of the mammary gland with neat circular motions. Treatment is continued until recovery.

1. Dry leaves of celandine are ground into powder. A teaspoon of the resulting powder is mixed with two tablespoons of melted cow butter. In a steam bath, the composition is heated for a quarter of an hour. A diseased mammary gland is treated with ointment every day.
Since the plant is poisonous, it is better to use the recipe after talking with a specialist.

2. Fresh leaves of celandine are crushed and mixed with petroleum jelly (the components are taken equally). Ointment is applied to the breast twice a day.

3. Dried flaxseed leaves in a mortar are crushed to a powder state. In a proportion of one to one, combine with butter. Apply ointment in the evenings.

4. To three parts of Vishnevsky ointment add seven parts of fir oil. In a proportion of one to three, the resulting mass is mixed with baby cream. Use three times a day.

Ointments for mastopathy.

5. Thirty grams of propolis is rubbed on a fine grater. Mix with 100 g of body fat. The steam bath is heated for two hours and filtered. The ointment is applied to the diseased mammary gland in the morning.
May cause an allergic reaction.

6. Fifty grams of the dried marigold plant is ground into powder. Combine with 0.2 ml of melted lard interior. On a steam bath, bring to a homogeneous consistency. Ointment is applied twice a day. Helps in resorption of seals.

7. Take half a kilogram of fresh comfrey roots. Soak for four hours in water, and then twist in a meat grinder at least three times. At the same time, seventy grams of resin is melted in a water bath. Without removing from the heat, 300 ml of melted pork fat is introduced. Add slurry from comfrey roots and drown for twenty minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and let cool, then mix well. Use in the morning and in the evening, lubricating diseased mammary glands in places of formation of seals.

8. Fibrous mastopathy can be treated with such an ointment: in a ratio of one to five, the alcohol tincture of propolis and petrolatum are combined. Five parts of lanolin are added. Warm up the composition in a steam bath. Use twice a day.

Ointments for mastopathy.

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