Ointments for melanoma.

Ointments for melanoma.

The use of ointments is a mandatory part of the skin treatment program at home. Rubbing is carried out for two months. After the break, repeat.

1. Take a mushroom called an ordinary funky. Dry and grind with a coffee grinder to a state of fine crumbs. Ten grams of powder are mixed with one hundred milliliters of vegetable oil in which propolis is previously dissolved. Withstand the day. Apply with a gauze swab to the affected area of ​​the skin.

2. At the pharmacy buy alcohol tincture of Indian onions. If you wish, you can cook it yourself: one to four mix pre-chopped onions and onion leaves with alcohol 70%, withstand a couple of weeks in a place inaccessible to sunlight. Two large spoons of tincture are mixed with a tube of synthomycin ointment. Store in a glass container under the lid. Apply to melanoma in the evenings, covering with a gauze bandage for a day. After doing a new session. Recommended for use in the early stages of the disease.

3. Using a crush, grind about seven cloves of garlic. Mix with 400 milliliters of apple cider vinegar and 500 milliliters of vodka. For two weeks left in a dark place. After injecting a small spoonful of eucalyptus oil. Use, applying to the affected area.
The use of ointment can lead to a serious burn and worsen the course of the disease.

4. In a ratio of one to four mix celandine juice and petroleum jelly. Ointment is applied to melanoma and adjacent areas. There is another recipe: twenty grams of powdered celandine are combined with seventy grams of petroleum jelly and ten grams of lanolin. The finished ointment is sent to the refrigerator.
Celandine juice is poisonous, so its pure use is unacceptable in order to avoid complications.

5. 250 grams of hop cones are placed in a bowl and poured with pork fat. They simmer for two hours in a water bath, stirring occasionally. After cooling, they are transferred to glass containers and refrigerated. Ointment is used twice a day.

6. In the same proportions mix tar and petroleum jelly. In the absence of open wounds, they are applied to the skin in the first stages of the disease.

Ointments for melanoma.

7. Prepare a mixture of crushed celandine, aloe juice and salt. Apply to problem areas once a day.
When using the ointment, you need to be prepared for burning and dry skin.

8. Ten grams of propolis is crushed using a blender and sent to a water bath. After melting, mix with 100 grams of butter. Again they languish in a water bath for about fifteen minutes. Used for applying to the tumor twice.

9. During the flowering period, the grass of the caustic sedum is collected and dried. Grind 100 g of grass to the state of large crumbs and pour several glasses of interior fat. It is cooled, poured into a glass container and sent to the refrigerator. Use the ointment to the end, applying it to the melanoma in a thick layer.

10. To the state of the slurry, the washed fly agaric is ground. Apply to the affected area for twenty minutes, repeating once a day.
Such a prescription cannot be used in home treatment due to possible side effects!

11. Mix the grated root of burdock (always fresh!), With a sufficient amount of butter and raw yolk. In a water bath, they are kept until a homogeneous gruel is obtained. Lubricate the affected skin three times.

12. With 100 ml of vegetable oil combine 100 g of young burdock roots scrolled in a meat grinder. Boil for one and a half hours. Ointment is used for application to melanoma three times a day.

Ointments for melanoma.

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