Orange diet.

Diets that work.

Orange diet.

Any woman who has ever looked in the mirror at her figure, found flaws in it. . But how to achieve such results, if there are so many temptations around to eat something delicious, like cakes, chocolates? You think to yourself that you can not give up the delicious food, and even more hungry for weeks? And why not lose weight by eating all the delicious, and while still useful!

A great option for you would be the orange diet. During this time you will not only lose kilos already bored, but also will greatly assist your body.

This diet is very simple, but effective enough. For only three weeks, you will need to enjoy eating oranges, and the results do not sadden, because during this time, you can lose weight by 10 kilograms.

Orange is quite satisfying products, however, it is a huge amount of vitamins and trace elements make up the value of the fruit.

Orange diet lasts only 5 days a week. Over the weekend, the rest are allowed to eat food, but do not abuse them.

The first week is the most difficult, but those who set a goal to be able to overcome its temptations. On the day you need to eat a kilo of oranges, and drink at least 2 liters of water. It can be plain water, mineral or green tea. To this list, add 2 boiled eggs and as many cups of yogurt or kefir product. However, if someone is found allergic to oranges, it is necessary to stop follow this method for weight loss.

In the second week, in addition to these products, and added more cereal. The main requirement for their preparation is that they should not be salt. It is preferable to choose the buckwheat, the number is not limited. Porridge will help get rid of the feeling of hunger, which is so acutely felt in the first week.

Many believe that the third week as difficult as the first. But that does not make for the perfect figure! So, the last week of the diet should consist of: 1 kg of oranges, porridge, a lot of liquid and 2 cups of yogurt. All of this you need to eat per day. You can also include other vegetables, except bananas and grapes. It can be eaten raw or cooked vegetables.

On weekends, when allowed to eat all the same limitations exist. It is necessary to eliminate fried foods and sugar.

If you follow all these rules, just a few weeks of your weight reduced by 10 kg. However, reaching the desired, it is important to keep it for a long time. And in this sport it is indispensable.


Orange diet.

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