Organic herbal tea.

St. John’s wort is useful to everyone!

Organic herbal tea.

Once I heard that the St. John’s wort does not bypass a single sore in our body. Organic herbal teaClever grass heals exactly where you need it. So I decided to learn more about this useful plant.

When I realized that tea from St. John’s wort will suit children, adults, and old people, I firmly prescribed this herb on my table.

In our time of stress, tea from St. John’s wort helps to strengthen the nerves. It is recommended for those who experience large daily burdens (at work, at school, etc.).

Elderly people are advised to add to the tea still balm and hawthorn (in equal proportions).

With mood swings during menopause, tea from St. John’s wort is recommended. St. John’s wort mix in equal proportions with hops and melissa.

Help St. John’s wort and meteosensitive people.

My recipe should you like; tea turns out very tasty. It can be drunk in the morning for breakfast before work, classes or exams.
Children and adults, it will also help to focus attention.

The recipe: mix the herb of St. John’s wort — 50 g, lemon balm -25 g, passionflower — 20 g, lavender flowers — 5 g. Brew like tea and drink to your health!

Do not just drink St. John’s wort before going out, if you have light and sensitive skin, and on the street no clouds — the sensitivity of the skin is increased, and you can get burned.


Organic herbal tea.

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