OSTEOCHONDROSIS: diseases of civilization.


Osteochondrosis (disease name comes from the Greek word osteon — bone and chondros — cartilage) — the defeat of the intervertebral disc cartilage. It is manifested by various pains, numbness and, if untreated, limited mobility. According to numerous studies, from all this taken together affected 80% of the adult population of the Earth and almost 100% of the elderly. 

What is the reason of such person’s exposure to osteochondrosis?

Suffer and athletes, and computer scientists.

human spine consists of four divisions:
cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacrococcygeal. All except the vertebrae of the coccyx and sacrum are interconnected by means of depreciation discs.

However, for various reasons, primarily age-related factors, violations of diet (excess salt, unbalanced diet), insufficient or excessive physical exertion begins osteochondrosis — intervertebral disc degeneration. What’s happening?


Weakened disk flattened, bulging, straining his capsule, vertebrae closer together. In addition, changing the state of the vertebrae themselves — growths (osteophytes) are formed on them. Around the intervertebral disc are located nerve processes, and the vessels of the spinal cord. Protruding disk, affecting some of the nerve-or processes, causing its inflammation and swelling of the surrounding tissue, which leads to pain.

In connection with the highest load are more likely affected by osteochondrosis cervical and lumbar spine. This is manifested in the form of pain and other disorders sensitive to the appropriate level and in a specific area of innervation of a nerve.
For example, in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine can be a pain in the neck and numbness of the fingers, but for lumbar degenerative disc disease is characterized by pain in the lumbar region, extending to the lower limbs. Sometimes the chest and low back pain, which is often initially confused with heart disease.
At clinical examination determined the pain points and zones of impaired sensitivity. The definitive diagnosis is established on the basis of x-ray or CT scan, which gives a more extensive and accurate information.

Osteochondrosis — a degeneration of intervertebral discs.

Effective prevention of exacerbations.

For the prevention of degenerative disc disease exacerbations and exclusion must be
observe a few simple but effective operating rules that reduce the load on the spine:

Always keep your back straight. Try not to lift heavy objects. If necessary, raise their sitting down and not leaning.
Most move, to warm up, not giving back muscles atrophy. When sedentary work have to get up from the chair at least once in half an hour.
As often as you can hang on the bar and swim! Swimming — cheap, safe and effective way to strengthen the muscular system and make life easier for the spine.

To the pain has not returned.

Currently, there are many ways to treat degenerative disc disease, ranging from medication and finishing operation. Naturally, there is much debate about these methods and their effect on the body.

When choosing a method of treatment should pay attention to some points: for example, if you want to be treated by drugs that are prescribed to you by a doctor from the clinic, you should pay attention to the fact that some of them are quite expensive, and, moreover, adversely affect the stomach and liver, so read carefully.
When choosing a chiropractor it is also desirable to be closer as unprofessional manualshchiku, which is now quite a lot, may instead facilitate the state to bring to the wheelchair.

Never allow «the spine to reduce a» people without special education.
Any manual therapy is contraindicated in patients with intervertebral hernias.
But classic massage will be beneficial to all, as well as reflexology, hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches).

Some would-be experts advise to regularly wear a brace for the neck and walk in it as long as possible. This advice is definitely harmful — they can only remove the pain attack, but if you use this technique often, this will lead to further muscle atrophy and progression of the disease.

Finally, before applying a radical method of treatment, ie surgery, carefully weigh all the «pros» and «cons», and yet try first of all possible remedial gymnastics and swimming — as practice shows, usually this is enough, and a few weeks later the patient’s condition improves, the pain passes.

In the selection of therapeutic exercises should pay attention to the fact that the exercise did not cause the load on the spine, and the only developed back muscles. All the exercises, try to do slowly, smoothly, without sudden movements.
When they can not get out of the cold for at least an hour, and preferably two.  AND we should not forget that the exercises for strengthening the muscular system will have to do for life, otherwise the pain will inevitably come back again.

Win pain.

If you have a backache, do not despair, because help themselves can and should be. Here are some effective tips:

Relieves pain, swelling and inflammation.

Create enhanced blood flow to the affected area, which will improve nutrition and metabolism in the affected tissues, and thus, relieve pain, swelling and inflammation:
take a warm bath, adding to pine extract and sea salt;
Use a hot compress.

To do this, soak heavily salted warm water wool cloth, apply to the affected area, isolate it with plastic wrap and downy shawls;
apply on the sore spot compress pulp black radish or horseradish or ginger, or mustard diluted in water.

Heat nestle this area for 15-20 minutes, then be sure to rinse with warm water compress burning;
You can make a poultice of dry and hot sand:
clean sea or river sand is heated in a pan or skillet, pour in a linen bag and attach to the sore spot.

Hold as long as the heat. Then, the place to which was applied a compress, wrap downy shawls;
necessarily help massage (self-massage can be), as a basis for using olive (or any vegetable) oil or honey.

After completion of the procedure do not forget to hide the sore spot is well to keep warm;
Jar-vacuum massage is also great helps to increase blood flow to the affected area. For this massage uses special glass or plastic jars, they are sold in pharmacies. Technique of massage is usually indicated on the package.

Traditionally in Russia different ailments were treated with heat and steam.
Bath — the perfect place to relieve tension and fatigue.

Good help from back pain massage with birch broom. But contrasting water treatments are suitable only for physically strong body, so it is better not to dive into the hole without any special training, so as not to worsen their condition.

Remember! All heat treatments should be done at night or if you are sure that a few hours will not have to go cold.

When the pain receded.

If there are no sharp pain, but there is stiffness and rigidity, it is time to give back the ability to work:

— Roll it back tight ball against the wall or lying on the floor.
In folk medicine, found rolling on the wooden board churbachka diameter of 10-12 cm;
— Lie down on the bag with fir cones or apply for the same purposes ipplikator Kuznetsova.

Exercises for the treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis:

1 hung on the bar or any stable bar. Do not jump! Get off the floor gently.

2 Starting position lying on his back, legs bent at the knees. Put your knees to the right, to the left hand, stretch.

3 Starting position the same. Pull your knees up to the stomach, clasp your hands and gently swing on the bent back of the neck to the sacrum.

4 Starting position standing, arms folded around his chest. Make a smooth turns right, left. Turns to do with the maximum amplitude, first at the level of clavicles, then at chest level, and finally at the lower costal arch.



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