Other methods for asthma.

Other methods for asthma.

Powders for asthma.

It is better if powders from plants and other products are prepared at home. Treatment with their help occurs until the condition is relieved.

1. Grind the dried flower buds of coltsfoot. Twelve grams of flowers are added to a cup of water. Drink at a time.
In severe liver diseases, administration is not recommended.

2. Rub the apricot kernel kernels to a powder. Dining room brewed in a glass of water. Divided into a couple of tricks.

3. Powder is prepared from hemp seeds. In a glass of milk over low heat, heat for several minutes. They drink during the day, dividing into a couple of servings.

4. Sugar is ground to a powder. Five drops of camphor alcohol are poured. The resulting composition is poured onto the child’s tongue at the onset of the attack. Give drink a little water.

5. The shell of three eggs is crushed and fried until a light brown color is obtained. Grind into powder and mix in equal amounts with desulfurized molasses. Before each meal, consume 1 tsp. Folk remedy relieves an asthma attack.

Other methods for asthma.

The fight against the pathological condition at home occurs when using many improvised tools and recommendations. The alternative treatments for asthma offered below promise to help alleviate the general condition and prevent attacks.


If an attack occurs, it is recommended to take a ripe banana, peel and warm over a fire. Sprinkle the banana with black pepper and eat. The pain in the chest promises to instantly subside, asphyxiation will disappear. Thus, you can quickly overcome the unpleasant manifestations of the disease.


The bath helps to optimize the metabolism, which is useful for respiratory pathology. You should visit her no more than once every eight days. The procedure reduces the number of attacks in bronchial asthma, eliminates unpleasant symptoms.
In the presence of diseases of the central nervous system, a trip to the bath is better to cancel.
Bull blood
Adults with cardiac pathology are recommended to drink bovine blood for a month — a few glasses per day.


Dr. Batmanghelija from Spain is convinced that respiratory illness is closely linked to dehydration. Therapy according to his method is not just quenching thirst. Pure water is used according to a clearly established scheme: 450 ml thirty minutes before meals (each time) and 220 ml after, after two and a half hours. At the same time, alcohol is unacceptable. The ban is imposed on coffee.

A mandatory part of the doctor’s program is the use of salt crystals. They need to be put under the tongue.

Another method of healing with life-giving moisture involves taking salted and fresh. For three days you should drink salt water (half a dessert spoon of salt for ten cups), one — fresh (it is recommended to lean on melt). Thus, the body is cleansed of allergens.

Mustard plasters

Mustard plasters help stabilize the functioning of the body, establish metabolism and cleanse sputum from the bronchi. Mustard plasters, which are bought at the pharmacy, are put several times a week. If we are talking about children, enough times.

Other methods for asthma.

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