Other methods for prostatitis.

Other methods for prostatitis.

Propolis candles

Propolis is recommended for prostatitis as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Combine 0.1 grams of propolis extract with several grams of cocoa butter.

A candle is formed, cooled in the refrigerator, and introduced into the anus at night. Treatment is performed for thirty days. After a month’s break, another course is possible.

The following candles are called equally effective. A teaspoon of honey is combined with one egg and three large spoons of wheat flour. A small amount of propolis is added. Mix to a state of homogeneous slurry and form candles. Store in the freezer.

Use in the evenings for ten days.
Propolis can be treated only after a reaction to an allergy.


Flower pollen is used for prostatitis as a product to enhance immunity. The daily norm is ten grams. They use a folk remedy in the morning and afternoon before meals.
Treatment does not stop for one month. After the break, repeat. About four courses should be carried out per year.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds have long been recommended by folk healers as an effective tool for treating male disease. They contain zinc, which is extremely important for men’s health.

Every day before treatment, you need to eat thirty seeds. There is also a simple recipe for making sweet balls that will help to overcome pathology forever. To do this, grind half a kilogram of peeled seeds in a meat grinder.

Mix with 200 ml of honey. Small balls are formed from the resulting mass. Store in the refrigerator. Two balls are eaten per day. Before use, they take out of the refrigerator to warm up a little. One course per year is enough.

Salt compress

A salt compress will help get rid of pain with prostatitis and accelerate healing. To prepare the solution, take a cup of warm water and a couple of a pinch of table salt.

The gauze folded four times is moistened and applied to the area of ​​inflammation overnight. Eight procedures are enough to get rid of discomfort.


Alternative methods of treating prostatitis include not only the use of the power of herbs, but also special gymnastics. There are several effective exercises due to which you can get rid of pain and accelerate healing:

1. The position of «lying on your back.» The legs bend at the knees and bend to the chin. Caviar clasped hands. The position is fixed for fifteen minutes. Exercise helps to overcome even exacerbation of prostatitis without leaving your home.

2. From the “standing at full height, legs together” position, they crouch by a third. Knees alternately move forward. The exercise lasts about five minutes. Repeat in the morning and evening.

3. Being in a standing position, slowly compress and relax the muscles of the perineum.

4. Position «sitting on the buttocks, legs extended.» You need to walk on the floor on the buttocks, making four movements forward and the same back. Repeat 10 times.

Another effective way to deal with prostatitis at home is self-massage of the perineum. Do it in the morning for 5 minutes.

It is shown in the treatment of chronic prostatitis a contrast shower on the perineum. 30 seconds hold hot water, fifteen seconds hold cold. The session lasts about five minutes. Perform before bedtime.


At the initial stage, prostatitis can be treated with urine. Drink in the morning. Dose — 0.25 ml. Therapy is continued until cured.

Other methods for prostatitis.

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