Oxygen face mask.

Oxygen face mask.

An oxygen facial mask is an effective anti-aging agent. Adverse environmental conditions, nutritional deficiencies, lead to rapid aging, the regular formation of inflammation. Thanks to the active elements of the composition, it is easy to saturate the skin with oxygen, stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The procedure will help soothe the irritated, thin dermis, providing comprehensive care.

The benefits of oxygen masks for the skin

In cosmetology, the action of an oxygen mask helps:
1. Restore sagging, wrinkled skin;
2. Normalize intracellular processes;
3. Align color and relief;
4. Strengthen the vascular network;
5. To remove toxins, oxidants;
6. Deep clean.

Indications for use:

loose skin;
inflammation and peeling;
dark spots;
greasy shine.
individual sensitivity;
cracks, cuts, burns;
infectious skin lesions;
purulent formations.

Homemade Oxygen Facial Mask Recipes

Oxygen has been used in home-made cosmetics not so long ago, but thanks to its instant action, it has already gained popularity. Using the active composition, you can saturate the cells with oxygen, cleanse and accelerate the update process. The main component is hydrogen peroxide, which gives the effect of tonic bubbles.

With almonds

A self-made almond mask will help to cope with sagging and wrinkles, to tighten the oval of the face. Thanks to the natural composition, the skin is saturated with vitamins and minerals, oxygen respiration is restored. Repeat the procedure twice a week, in the afternoon.


10 gr. almonds;
15 drops of hydrogen peroxide;
5 drops of vitamin E.

Turn the almonds into powder on a coffee grinder, add a vitamin solution and dilute with a mineral water. Introduce peroxide into the sour cream consistency and quickly spread on wet skin. Keep no more than six / eight minutes, finish as usual.

With herbs

A folk recipe for oily and combination skin helps to cope with inflammation, soothe and restore skin. A cleansing procedure provides comprehensive facial care. Regular use will help you get a healthy color and even structure.


5 gr. daisies;
5 gr. calendula
5 gr. starch;
10 drops of hydrogen peroxide.

Grind marigold flowers with chamomile into powder, introduce starch, dilute the mass with warm tea. After adding peroxide, massage it onto the surface with massage movements, rinse off after ten minutes.

With clay

To soothe redness, bleach pigmentation and restore tone will allow an affordable procedure. The processes at the cellular level are normalized, and updating is accelerated. Shining healthy skin without spots and wrinkles.


10 gr. white clay;
5 gr. oatmeal;
an ampoule of vitamin B 5;
10 drops of peroxide.

Turn the flakes into flour, mix with cosmetic clay and a vitamin solution. After diluting with tea or broth, peroxide is added to the finished mixture. Distribute with a spatula along the lines of massage, leave to act for seven minutes. Repeat three times a month.


Home oxygen recipes can also be used for thin sensitive skin prone to irritation and peeling. The gentle composition gently cleanses, allows you to remove the epithelium, providing updated cells with oxygen.


15 gr baby talcum powder;
15 drops of peroxide.

Beat the protein with powder intensively, gradually adding drops of peroxide. Wipe the face with micellar water, then distribute the cosmetic product in a thick layer. The composition is valid up to eight minutes, complete as usual.


Perfectly moisturizes and copes with sagging, freshens color, eliminates traces of fatigue. Immune properties are restored, excellent prevention of irritations, inflammations and wrinkles.


15 gr spirulina;
5 gr. cocoa;
20 drops of peroxide.

Crush the algae thoroughly and pour mineral water for ten minutes. After add the bean powder and peroxide. Spread the mass evenly on the face, after seven / nine minutes complete the grooming procedures.

Oxygen face mask.

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