Treatment for chronic pancreatitis.


Invaluable help will be grass.

Treatment should be started with the treatment of the pancreas, with the treatment of pancreatitis. So first of all essential herbs that remove pain in the pancreas. This invaluable assistance will meadowsweet — it will remove the acute condition of the pancreas: inflammation and pain. Meadowsweet grows in damp places.

For the preparation of therapeutic tea from meadowsweet use the entire aboveground part of the plant collected during its flowering.


Tea brewed cold way:
1-2 tbsp. minced raw pour 500 ml of cold boiled water and leave for at least two hours.

Can meadowsweet pour water on the night — and the medicine will be ready in the morning. Thus, you get a portion of the drug on the day — drink this tea should be in portions during the day, preferably before meals.
Meadowsweet can be taken as monotherapy, and reception even Filipendulae one gives a quick effect. On such a beneficial effect of meadowsweet in the pancreas in the Company phytotherapeutists in his lectures says Professor Elena E. Lesiovskaya. After that, I’m on my experience repeatedly convinced in the power of this plant for pancreatitis.
Patients with a yellow face, complaining of nausea, turbidity in the eyes, weakness (the body as wool), quickly feel an improvement, taking meadowsweet tea.

On the other beneficial herbs …

Now a few words about other herbs that are useful in pancreatic diseases. This mullein, leaves of birch, calendula, Agrimony. Fees may be two or more of these herbs well as in the collection include and meadowsweet, which has already been discussed above.
In diseases of the pancreas are contraindicated cholagogue grass so well that your father stopped drinking everlasting. With regard marigold, this plant has a mild choleretic effect and can be used in this case, but the fact is that calendula has no specific impact on the pancreas — and it is better to use in the training camp ..

Medicines from burdock.

Elevated bilirubin speaks about stagnation of bile, but as long as you do not cure the pancreas, can not be used cholagogue grass. I recommend using a mug, as it not only improves the functioning of the liver, but also fights cysts, so it will be doubly useful to your father (because he cyst kidney).



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