Persistent cough.

Salt cures colds.

Persistent cough.

In what house is there no salt? Although a handful, but always there. But salt is often the most affordable medicine. Persistent cough.

For example, if you are cold, then a warm bag of warm dry salt is very suitable. And if the cold does not want to retreat. A very bad cold began. Try as often as possible to wash the nasopharyngeal cavity with salt water. 0.5 teaspoons of salt in a glass of warm water.

Such a solution of salt helps to clear the throat and vocal cords, to eliminate the problems caused by excess fluid in the maxillary sinuses.

This also contributes to reducing the duration of the disease and prevents the spread of infection to the respiratory system.

• A cough — 5 tbsp. Spoon sugar slightly moistened with a few drops of water and fry in a pan until brown. Then pour 70 g of boiling water into this sugar.

Sugar, which has already turned into a crystal, melts with stirring. Add in the resulting liquid 30 grams of vodka, bring the mass to a boil. The medicine is ready. It must be drunk before going to bed warm, while warming up your feet in the water. Very soon the cough will disappear.

• Angina can be cured in just a day. Brew a glass of steep tea. Add in it a teaspoon of salt and baking soda. With this solution rinse throat every 20-30 minutes. The procedure perfectly cleanses the throat, relieves inflammation.


Persistent cough.

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