Phyto — fees for asthma.

Phyto — fees for asthma.

1. In equal quantities mix the leaves of coltsfoot, grass of plantain and pine buds. Four large spoons are separated, they stand for 1 hour in a liter of cool moisture. After boiling for five to seven minutes. Divided into three servings.

2. High collection of heartwort flowers, plantain leaves, tricolor violet and elderberry is given high efficiency in the fight against cardiac asthma. Raw materials are mixed in equal proportions. One tablespoon is poured with a liter of water and simmer for two hours over low heat, stirring occasionally. The resulting volume is divided into equal portions and drunk during the day.

3. Creeping thyme grass, common anise fruits, sowing flax seeds and common fennel fruits are mixed in equal amounts. Four teaspoons are combined with a glass of water at room temperature. Let stand a little and boil for five minutes. Three times a day, take half a cup.

4. Take one part of pine buds, leaves of coltsfoot, leaves of plantain. Four small spoons are boiled in a glass of water for several minutes, after which they are allowed to cool under a lid. Drink during the day.
The composition of the broth includes pine kidneys, which are strictly prohibited in severe kidney pathologies. Otherwise, there is a risk of malfunctioning of the paired organ.

5. Ten grams of leaves of coltsfoot, anise fruits, tricolor violet grass, thyme grass, elecampane roots are mixed. 20 g of the mixture are simmered in 230 ml of boiling water for five minutes, after which they allow to stand another fifteen. Consume per day, divided into two servings.

Phyto — fees for asthma.

6. Take equally grass of sundew and tricolor violet, elderberry flowers, plantain leaves. Four small spoons in 300 ml of boiling water are boiled for several minutes. After cooling, squeeze. They drink in three doses with asthma.

7. Elder flowers, gooseberry grass and chandra, celandine grass and pine buds are mixed in equal proportions. 20 g are taken and boiled in 250 ml of water for five minutes. Drink per day in several stages.
A recipe can be dangerous for people with an unstable psyche.

8. Prepare a collection of taken from one part of the young willow bark, elderberry flowers, coltsfoot leaves, two parts of anise and rose hips. Chopped. Select 25 g and pour 300 ml of pure moisture. For seven minutes they languish over low heat. Consume per day.

9. Two large spoons of crushed turnip roots in a glass of boiling water are boiled for fifteen minutes. Take at bedtime in full.

10. Twenty grams of elecampane root, tricolor violet grass, thyme herb, anise fruit, flowers and leaves of coltsfoot are mixed. Two tbsp. l placed in 500 ml of moisture and boiled for an hour. Take in the form of heat for 120 milliliters before meals.

11. Take fifty grams of thyme and marshmallow root, add 10 g of mustard seed powder. 50 g of the mixture is poured into a glass of water and boiled for fifteen minutes. They drink in three doses.

12. Prepare a collection of equal amounts of knotweed, coltsfoot, dill seeds, elderberry, plantain, ledum, stinging nettle, yarrow and raspberry leaves. Separate 1 tbsp. l., pour 250 ml of boiling water and incubated for seven minutes over low heat. Use two tbsp. l three times a day.

Phyto - fees for asthma.

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