Pneumonia treatment.

Oats against pneumonia.

Pneumonia treatment. Lung problems.

Not so long ago my daughter came out of the institution all kind of sick. At first I thought she caught a coldcough, hot forehead. Her drink the strong tea and put him to bed. By evening, worse and worse. Wheezing, complains chest pain, pulmonary area, the temperature rises. When I measured the temperature, I almost did not become ill — 39.3. Pneumonia treatment.

Pneumonia treatment.

Naturally, immediately caused an ambulance. Oddly enough, the doctors came quickly. They examined — and the hospital. Suspected pneumonia. Then, after X-rays revealed that indeed pneumonia.

The disease is bad: if time does not think suddenly, the person can die. Well, we all had the time. At the hospital, his daughter all sorts of drugs slapped, antibiotics are prescribed, all sorts of treatments.

But, all the same, the treatment proceeded very painfully — the lungs ache, cough torments.

While lying in the hospital, I met a nurse who watched over our Chamber. It was she who helped me. Once, talking with her, I, of course, all about her daughter’s disease, her serious condition.

Then the nurse and suggested how to ease the suffering of his daughter and significantly speed up the recovery.

Pneumonia treatment.

I somehow it just permeated by faith, used the same recipe here. And it turned out, not in vain. It turns out that only a necessary glass washed oat husks pour a liter of milk and boil for an hour on low heat. Strain, you need to drink hot. It is also useful to add oil or honey.

Especially good to take a decoction of the night. Do not store it in a thermos, as it quickly sours.
My daughter this way of great help. He certainly does not cure pneumonia by itself, but throughout the entire treatment period, a person feels much better.

Pneumonia treatment.

At least, we have been this way. The broth is literally after the first times softened the cough, pain in the lungs began to subside, but the doctors themselves on the second day was told that the condition is rapidly improving.

And when I have our family doctor told me about the broth, he said that some doctors themselves often is recommended. So the simple advice nurses at the hospital can sometimes help is not worse than the recipe specialist.


Pneumonia treatment.


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