Poison doctor.

Poison doctor.

Celandine — a Russian ginseng.

Herbs, my passion for a long time and still wonder, some before a lab, and how many of them are good. Poison doctor.

Almost all the illnesses I treat myself and others offer celandine herbs from her juice and make a tincture of 2: 1 (2 parts juice of celandine and part vodka).

Celandine although poisonous, but is very useful in many diseases. Its juice reduce warts (papillomas), moles, polyps of the stomach, intestines. Treats adenoma of the prostate, breast, fibroids, fibroids and other gynecological diseases.

Tincture of Celandine is used for many diseases, as a choleretic, laxative rheumatism, hypertension, dysentery, and helps been ill heart attack, stroke.

Juice of celandine — 1 tbsp. a spoonful of chopped herbs pour a glass of boiling water and put in a water bath for 15 minutes.

Cool, throw grass, add boiling water to get a glass of broth, drink a third cup 3 times a day.
Wash down the juice of celandine can be milk and tea from herbs.

We must remember that celandine does not bring harm, and restores damaged tissues. Our celandine — is the Russian ginseng. Successfully fighting against atherosclerosis, purifies the blood vessels from cholesterol.


Poison doctor.

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