Indian rice saved me.


Indian rice, this is a drink, something like a famous tea mushroom. Polyarthritis.
In the family from generation to generation a terrible disease is transmitted — polyarthritis. Because of this disease, as early as 50 years, it is impossible to work or even do any housework.

The joints are deformed and cause terrible pain. Even a spoon in the hands is difficult to hold.

My neighbor, polyarthritis, began at the age of 40. When the joints began to swell, she simply despaired. After all, there was no one to take care of her. But I also went to the doctors, and went to muddy resorts. Improvements did not occur.


And then they advised her one folk healer, who said to drink an infusion of immortelle. And she also gave me a jar with a handful of grains of sea rice.

I explained how to make infusion. After six months of treatment, a significant improvement has already come. The cones over the joints were asleep, the pains disappeared.

Therefore, for 20 years, my neighbor has not parted with this drink. Drinks for prevention. When the joints start to sip again.

Interested in the story of my neighbor. Asked a few grains of sea rice to grow their house.

Growing rice at home is not very difficult. To begin with, you only need 10 grains. Put them in a glass jar. Only in no case before use can you wash the jar neither economic, nor any other detergent. Especially negatively, rice reacts to soda.

It is best to rinse the can with boiling water or sterilize it over the steam. Pour the can to the top with cool boiled water.


Add there 5 pieces of raisins or 2 pieces of dried apricots. Close the gauze and put it on the wall cupboard. It should be fairly dry, moderately warm and there is no direct sunlight.

Rice will be fed for two days. In the evening of the second day, the infusion should be gently drained through the gauze. In the same gauze, rinse grains with cool water.

Again, pour water and add raisins or dried apricots. This infusion can already be drunk, although it is still very weak.

But better be patient and grow your grains. Since for treatment it is necessary to have already a tablespoon of rice. And best of all — two to insist immediately two jars and infusion could be taken every day.

Nobody is ill with polyarthritis in our family. But both me and my husband suffered from osteochondrosis.
I decided that if this rice heals from polyarthritis, it should also help with osteochondrosis.

And really — helped. Within 2 months, both of us lost our pain. Even vertebrae, previously painful when pressed, became smaller and calmer.

We took the infusion so: we drank a glass in the morning and evening. The remnants of the infusion slightly warmed up and rubbed into sore spots.
So, with rheumatism, and with osteochondrosis, Indian rice is useful.



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