Polysorb for acne.

Polysorb for acne.

Polysorb for face is used in cosmetics for deep cleansing of the skin. It is traditionally recommended to be taken orally to remove toxins from the body. The therapeutic effect of the drug can also be used for external use. It is useful to take polysorb in the complex treatment of acne, problematic dermis, to find fresh, clean, radiant skin.

In cosmetology, the most common is the use of polysorb from acne, black spots and painful acne. Also, this wonderful tool will be an excellent basis for the preparation of cleansing masks and scrubs. For problematic skin, you can dilute to the consistency of the paste, and apply exclusively on acne.

Polysorb is used to cleanse the skin of the face, as well as by ingestion. According to the instructions, the powder must be diluted with water, it can not be taken dry. It is necessary to calculate the dosage for each individually, how much to drink Polysorb depends on the weight of the person. The scheme by which you need to drink polysorb depends on the disease or condition that provoked intoxication.

Homemade polysorb face mask recipes

With your own hands, it’s easy to take care of the skin of the face, improving its condition, coping with cosmetic problems. A pharmaceutical drug helps get rid of inflammation and redness. The unique composition makes the powder indispensable when cleansing a delicate, sensitive dermis, prone to allergies.

Cleansing mask

At home, it will not be difficult to prepare a procedure for cleansing the face. Effectively eliminates black spots and inflammations, helps to cope with peeling. Due to the removal of the upper layer of cells, oxygen saturation improves, metabolic processes are activated. Useful application to obtain an even tan, as well as to restore color after sunbathing.

Art. a spoonful of polysorb;
a teaspoon of blue clay;
a teaspoon of sage.
Mix the pharmaceutical powder with clay, grind the sage thoroughly in a mortar. After combining the components, dilute with a small amount of mineral water. Apply the mixture in light circular motions, strictly following the massage lines. Leave to act for eight / ten minutes, after you can wash. It is useful to apply a cleansing procedure twice a week, preferably in the evening.

Lifting mask

Effectively use homemade cosmetics for skin rejuvenation. Using the available procedure, you can increase the tone and elasticity of the integument, and tighten the contour of the oval. Thanks to the drug, metabolic processes are accelerated, elastin synthesis is activated.

5 gr. polysorb;
5 gr. kelp;
10 gr. Shea butter.
Grind kelp in a coffee grinder into powder, pour warm water for ten minutes. After a while, add the sorbent and shea butter, mix well and distribute with a thin layer on the steamed integument. Leave to act for fifteen / twenty minutes, after which you can remove the residues with a damp sponge. Use the care mask in seven / ten sessions.

Anti-inflammatory mask

It has an amazing effect that allows you to cope with inflammation and the spread of infection of a problematic, acne dermis. It is useful to carry out the procedure for oily skin, the mask regulates the sebaceous glands, eliminates toxins and toxins. Thanks to the effective procedure, you can forget about the wide pores and unhealthy complexion.

a teaspoon of polysorb;
a teaspoon of yeast;
3 drops of cypress oil ether.
A pharmaceutical preparation should be combined with yeast granules, having mixed well, it can be diluted with water. Then enter the healing oil, the covers must be thoroughly cleaned, then steamed. Distribute the mass along the massage lines, it is necessary to exclude only the delicate skin of the eyelids and nasolabial triangle. Leave the cosmetic product for ten / twelve minutes, after which it can be completed in the usual way. Use enough for prophylaxis once a week, with heavy rashes, increase the frequency up to three times.


Using a prescription mask with a pharmacy drug, you can get rid of pigmentation and sagging integument. Polysorb is also effective against wrinkles due to the detox action. The skin is renewed, blood circulation processes are accelerated, the mask has an excellent tonic effect.
a teaspoon of polysorb;
a teaspoon of sour cream;
3 drops of patchouli essential oil.
Combine the pharmaceutical powder with chilled sour cream, thoroughly mash the fruit with a fork to obtain a uniform consistency. Having mixed all the ingredients, it is possible to distribute it on a cleaned surface of the face with a sufficiently thick layer. Leave the mask on for fifteen / twenty minutes, after which you can gently remove the residue with a damp cotton pad. Repeat facial skin care at least twice a week.


After the holidays, you need to know how to make a mask that quickly returns freshness and elasticity to the skin. Puffiness is removed, the complexion improves, the skin becomes soft and velvety. Thanks to the pharmacy drug, you can instantly remove the traces of insomnia and fatigue.
Art. a spoonful of polysorb;
2 tbsp. tablespoons of cottage cheese;
a teaspoon of aloe;
a teaspoon of cocoa butter.
Pass the cottage cheese through a fine sieve, add nutritious oil, squeezed succulent juice and pharmacy powder. Stir the mass thoroughly and apply a dense layer on the covers, put a damp towel on top. Leave on for twenty minutes, then complete as usual. Use three / five times a month.

Polysorb for acne.

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