Porcelain skin color.

Porcelain skin color.

Porcelain skin color is an indicator of careful appearance care. If previously, tanning beds and tanning salons were especially popular. Today, dramatic changes have taken place in the beauty industry. Many are interested in what kind of porcelain skin? Flawless, even color without transitions and imperfections. It features a special smoothness and velvety. Everyone can become the owner. You just need to take advantage of the natural secrets of beauty.

What is porcelain skin

A few years ago, the bronze coating was the standard of beauty. Today, the favorite of all beauty trends is the face of natural, light shades. What porcelain color is it? It is a snow-white, perfectly smooth dermis, without spots, pigmentation, and rosacea. Back in the 19th century, it was the pride of aristocrats who carefully protected their face from the touch of sunlight. Depending on the color type — winter, spring, summer, autumn, it can be with a warm peach hue, or contrast blue.

To achieve this result, face care must be very thorough. It affects the whole lifestyle as a whole. Applying a mask or cream is not enough. A huge plus of snow-white skin is its natural look. And limiting exposure to ultraviolet rays can solve another problem. Age-related changes. The face will look younger, fresher. Therefore, this is the only way to avoid beauty injections. At the same time, maintain the smoothness and elasticity of the epidermis.

How to make porcelain facial skin

1. Japanese women made porcelain skin a real trend. Not surprisingly, thanks to a whole system of care, they stop the aging process. You can save freshness and youth. Without resorting to miraculous expensive creams and operations. It is enough to adhere to the main recommendations.

There is a special diet for porcelain skin. Pumpkin, carrot, spinach are contraindicated. Seafood is allowed in small quantities. As well as red fish, nuts and dried fruits, vegetable oils. The basis of the diet consists of cereal and nonfat varieties of meat, fresh herbs, vegetables, sweet and sour fruits, berries;

2. Proper nutrition excludes the intake of carbonated drinks, alcohol, canned food, convenience foods, coffee is allowed in small quantities, dermis, like litmus paper, tells everything about its owner;

3. Water — the main element of the detox program, quickly remove all toxins and oxidants, maintains firmness and elasticity;

4. For any rashes of a regular nature, it is necessary to undergo a complete medical examination, the state of the epidermis is often affected by malfunctions of the digestive, endocrine, reproductive system;
Porcelain-white shade can only be obtained by carefully protecting the covers from the sun’s rays all year round, even in the summertime it is recommended to be on the beach until ten in the afternoon and after five in the evening, while choosing a protective cream with the appropriate SPF factor for the season.

Using cosmetics, you can achieve an instant effect:

First, you need to work with defects, remove dark circles, inflammations, and venous asterisks from the concealer;
then, with the help of a sponge, a base is applied with a thin layer under the makeup, it smoothes the structure, hides wide pores, wrinkles;
the foundation is selected half a ton lighter, this will achieve the desired freshness, lightweight matte powder duplicates its color, fixing the coating;
to distribute blush on the cheekbones with a volume brush, peach or with a pink tint — depends on the color type of appearance;
when applying makeup, it is convenient to use a sponge or brush, the main rule is the minimum amount of each product, this will achieve a more natural result.

Homemade porcelain mask masks recipes

And how to make porcelain facial skin at home? Thanks to affordable recipes, it is easy to become the owner of a luxurious natural shade. Self-made masks will also help to cope with age-related changes, giving freshness, elasticity.

Whitening mask

A magic mask for porcelain skin will allow you to remove keratinized particles of the epithelium, improve oxygen respiration, and restore an even smooth structure. An effective means for whitening pigmentation, helps relieve swelling, the face is rested, it shines with youth.

Art. a spoon of white clay;
Art. a spoon of sour cream;
teaspoon aloe vera.
Stir kaolin thoroughly with sour cream, squeeze the plant juice through a press. Before applying the epidermis, steam with a compress, only after distributing the composition. Enjoy the action for twenty minutes, then complete in the usual way. It is enough to repeat the whitening mask twice a week to maintain perfect skin condition.

Cleansing mask

To lighten, rejuvenate, it is useful to use natural cosmetics. The recipe will provide skin cleansing, give elasticity, helps reduce wrinkles. With regular use, it will not be difficult to quickly achieve the desired effect, it is easy to forget about rashes, dull color forever.
• aspirin tablet;
• tablet of ascorutin;
• Art. a spoon of yeast.
Crush the tablets into powder, dilute the yeast in a separate bowl with warm green tea. Mix the ingredients, distribute the cosmetic pulp in a circular motion along the massage lines. Leave no more than eight / ten minutes. After the procedure, do not forget to apply a moisturizer, use the mask four / five times a month.

Moisturizing mask

To whiten the face, as well as restore elasticity, you should use homemade recipes. The stunning effect of the active elements can be applied even to the eyelids. And with the help of vegetable oils, it is easy to stop the aging process by saturating the cells with fatty acids.
• a teaspoon of parsley juice;
• cucumber;
• Art. a spoonful of rice starch;
• a teaspoon of coconut oil;
• a teaspoon of wheat oil.
In a water bath, heat vegetable oils, removing from the stove, mix with starch, grated cucumber pulp. Add squeezed juice from parsley, then evenly distribute on peeled covers. It is recommended to keep the mask from twenty minutes to half an hour, remove the remains with a damp sponge. Repeat three / four times a week in the afternoon.

Porcelain skin color.

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