Proper water.

Can you lose weight by drinking water.

Proper water.

When this summer I saw a doctor from Chicago Naturotherapeutists Dunaevskaya Lydia, a guest in our city, always carries with him a small plastic bottle of clean water and from time to time makes 1-2 small sip, I asked her to tell me how much, when and how to drinking water to maintain the body in the best possible condition. Proper water.

Proper water.

It turns out that the volume of water that you should drink per day in the summer, can be calculated by multiplying your body weight (in kg) of 30 g (approximate weight of 1 ounce).

For example, if you weigh 60 kg, you should drink 60 x 30 g = 1800 g of pure water a day.
In winter, the daily dose should be reduced by a quarter (thus, for a person weighing 60 kg, the daily dose would be 1,350 g of water). In winter you can warm up the water and drink warm.

Proper water.

Drinking water is particularly necessary when environmental pollution and consumed food, since it is pure water will help your body get rid of toxins.

However, for the consumption of significant amounts of water, there are some contraindications — it’s high blood pressure and chronic kidney failure.

Even if you do not have these diseases, you should gradually accustom your body to consume large quantities of water.

Please drink at least 200-300 ml of water per day.

Gradually, the bladder will find its balance, but in the beginning you will have frequent urination — mentally prepare for it.

In the morning on an empty stomach is very helpful leisurely drink 200-250 ml of pure Water, as the night the water does not enter the body and the brain is dehydrated, and drunk a glass of room temperature water will fill immediately lack of water.

Proper water.

Clean water — it is the only product that can be absorbed directly through the stomach.
Even tea and juice must be digested, ie pass through the intestine, where they are digested.

According to L. Dunaevskaya, water — the best drink. In children up to a year in receiving diet cow’s milk, 2-fold increased likelihood of further ill-dependent diabetes.

How to coordinate the intake of water and food intake? With good food to consume a small amount of water — about half a glass but no more. This is perfect.

As for large quantities of water, there exists a Tibetan recipe:
— If you want to lose weight, drink water before meals. In this case, water dilute the gastric juice, and the food will pass through the gastrointestinal tract transit (should drink a glass of water before eating fatty
food). In addition, you shall be filled with a smaller amount of food, if you first drink water.
— If you want to keep your weight, then drink while eating.
— If you wish to gain weight should drink water after eating.

During the exercise, as well as before and after exercise should be drunk, but not enough. Take a small bottle of drinking water (currently on sale is a bottle volume of 0.33 liters) and gradually drink water through a straw. If you are going to drink mineral water, do not forget pre-release of its gas.


Proper water.

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