Prostatitis treatment.

Clay for men. Prostatitis treatment.

Prostatitis is a problem familiar to many. Prostatitis treatment. And today I want to talk about treating this disease with clay.

For the treatment of prostatitis you will need a gray or blue clay, which is easy to buy in pharmacies. One hundredgram bag is enough for two procedures. The number of procedures is from 5 to 10, every other day.

Prostatitis treatment.

It is better to start treatment on the waning moon, distributing the sessions so that to finish it on the growing Moon.

On the waning moon, all slags and toxins are eliminated from the body, purification occurs. On the growing — the body receives clay minerals that are missing for normal functioning and microelements.

Prostatitis treatment.

The clay is soaked in water (50 g — 2 tbsp) to the consistency of thick sour cream. Then it should be applied to a piece of cloth soaked in warm water the size of your palm.

The resulting compress is applied to the perineal region, grasping the base of the scrotum and the anus.

To consolidate the compress, you need to put on melting, while trying to direct the scrotum upward to give the clay a space and grab as much of the perineal area as possible.

To enhance the heating properties of the compress, you can cover the fabric on top with a piece of polyethylene.

Hold the compress for 1.5 hours.

During the session, it is recommended to lie down or sit in a chair, without making any active movements.

Your subjective sensations can be different — from mild burning to sensitive pain.
Do not be scared, because these symptoms indicate that the treatment process is right.

Most often, the most pronounced pain sensations occur at the first sessions, when clay actively draws toxins and inflammation products from the prostate gland; At the continuation of treatment, unpleasant manifestations pass.

After you remove the compress, the used clay must be taken to the street and buried in the ground (in winter — in the snow). You can not use clay again.

Prostatitis treatment.

The perineum and the genitals after rinsing the compress are rinsed with warm water.

It is possible to combine clay with external massage of the prostate, which is done before the application of the compress.

And remember: the use of medicines is important and often just necessary, but do not forget that the body itself has huge healing reserves that you just have to open.

The best methods for this are, of course, physical exercises, massage (not massage of the prostate, but an indirect method of stimulating the work and activity of the prostate gland) and breathing techniques.


Prostatitis treatment.

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