Protect the nervous system.

Protect the nervous system.

A good mood is too great a value to lose it. Control your mood — gone out of control. It will harm you and others. Go away from the person or situations that have spoiled your mood.

Try to smile and laugh more. The sages said:
«If you laugh, the whole world laughs with you. If you cry, you cry alone. »

Laughter is actually an exercise that creates an improved blood circulation in the abdominal area. He creates health, thanks to the happy mental state of the laughing.
In a state of a smile, a person internally feels joy.

Take the burden of the forces. Protect the nervous system.

Do not try to charge yourself with an unbearable burden. If you want too much from yourself, strive to do unbearable, then you constantly feel nervous tension.

Remember: one person can never do everything. Try to do only what you can do best. It’s enough!

In harmony with yourself.

Learn to live in harmony with yourself. It’s good to have good friends, but it’s more important to learn to live with yourself. Become a good company for yourself. You yourself never get tired. Alone with yourself you begin to understand yourself better. It helps to understand others.

Do not pay attention to trifles. Stop worrying for nothing. Anxiety, like grief, destroys a person.

Often it is inevitable, but in any situation try to use common sense. Anxiety does not help anything. On the contrary, the more we worry, the greater the tension of the nervous forces. So less will be to overcome difficulties.

Do not quarrel!

As a result of quarrels there is bitterness and anger. And although discussions and arguments hone the mind and are often very useful. But rarely anyone can argue in a friendly way, without excitement.

If you feel that the dispute has escalated, immediately stop it. For example, with the phrase: «Maybe you are right, but I will not argue with you now.»

Do not quarrel, do not offend others. Do not allow yourself to be teased and offended. Avoid people who do this, as well as those who are annoying. Do not hate them. Just stay away from them. If you have to be in their company, talk to them as rarely as possible.

Do not save in yourself the negative and discontent. Express your concern. If you feel that you are unhappy with someone, approach this person and calmly explain everything. Perhaps this is just a misunderstanding.

Put this principle into all your relationships. Many people accumulate dissatisfaction within themselves until they can no longer communicate with each other. They build a stone wall around themselves. This can lead to a nervous breakdown.

In such situations it is necessary to share with someone, pour out your soul. Perhaps the conversation will help to see the problem in a new light and find its solution.

Our main enemy is idleness. A busy person is a happy person. Live every day as if it were your last!

Pasternak is stronger than valerian.

Pasternak is rich in plant matter, which is the natural calming hormone of the brain. And the strength of the impact it is 4-5 times greater than valerian.

In the ancient herbalists there is such advice on getting rid of painful insomnia:
«The grated parsnip root, dressed with vegetable oil, causes pleasant and useful dreams, during which the solution of complex problems comes.»

The root of parsnip is widely used in modern medicine. Its use in early spring removes childhood neuroses.

The root of parsnip is recommended to replace potatoes with all forms of diabetes. Crude parsnip is especially useful for dysbacteriosis.


Protect the nervous system.

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