Psychosomatics. Tell me what hurts you, and I’ll tell you where you have problems in life.

Do you know what will happen if you cross medicine and psychology? An amazing thing will turn out, I tell you! Psychosomatics.

This is a direction in medicine that deals with the influence of our emotions, fears and psychological blocks on health. It is scientifically proven that our inner experiences and feelings result in physical illnesses.

One day Karina Bagdasarova, a representative of the famous circus dynasty of trainers, admitted that she had wanted to be a dancer all her life, and her father forced her to work in the arena.

In adulthood, when she began to understand herself, she realized why she had suffered back pain all her life — in fact, «did what she did not want to do.»

So, what can tell your sore spots?


If the head often or constantly hurts — it «hurt» thoughts, an abundance of information or reflection on some occasion.

Headaches often occur in highly intelligent people who suppress emotions. This problem speaks of low self-esteem and fear, internal reproaches for something and that a person hides everything in himself.


Problems with hair (early graying, hair loss, their lifelessness) is an indicator of stress, helplessness and despair. Hair, especially in women, is a symbol of life energy. Problems can arise if a person lives in constant tension and fear.

And all that is needed is to be yourself, to believe in yourself and help from above. Sometimes, hair diseases can arise as a response to great ego, pride and unconscious insult to God.


The neck connects the mind (head) with the senses (the body). Problems with the neck indicate that you are not at peace with each other first and second. At the metaphysical level, this must be understood as a bridge between the spiritual and the material.

Diseases of the neck indicate the lack of flexibility: a person is afraid to turn around to hear the truth behind his back, ignoring the situation instead of figuring it out.

You can even try to nod in the afflicted neck affirmatively or negatively to shake your head. This will show what your difficulties are, say «Yes» or «No».


Myopia is the absence of foresight. Fear of the future. Unwillingness to look beyond your nose.
Hyperopia is the inability to live to this day.

A man with hyperopia thinks for too long before doing what needs to be done. Can not see the situation as a whole. Color blindness — the eye does not perceive color. He sees everything gray.

It says that a person can not perceive joy in life. It is important to look at the meaning of the color that drives out consciousness. Glaucoma is a thorn. Man suffers in the present about the past. Unwillingness to forgive and accept the past.


Teeth ache in people who are indecisive and who do not make decisions. Everybody decides for you, but you are afraid yourself, you do not know how to analyze life situations.

Problems with chewing teeth indicate that you can not learn the circumstances, while the upper lateral teeth are responsible for making decisions, and the lower ones are responsible for making their decisions.

Left — personal, right — social. Still there is an opinion that problems with the left side of the body are fixed by problems in communication with the mother, with the right side with the father.


Diseases of the oral cavity, for example, stomatitis, are associated with a heart-rending grudge. Biting the tongue — punishing yourself for talking, cheeks — anxiety, hiding your secrets and secrets.

Mouth is associated with the adoption of new ideas. Any problems in it speak about disorganizations in this sphere.


Lips are a reflection of our sensual nature. Depending on the internal problems, the following diseases can be reflected on them:

Cracks — a person is torn from opposite feelings.
Biting lips — self-punishment for the manifested sensuality.
Herpes is the same as biting the lips, but in a more serious form.


The back symbolizes the support of life. Problems with the back say that there is no moral support. A person believes that he is not loved, or is forced to hide his own love.

If a person loses mobility, then he can not show love for others through activity. If to the left — that to relatives, if on the right — that to the world.


Loin is a conflict. Guilt. Attention is focused on what has happened in the past. The lower back is connected with material goods, money, a partner, a home, children, work, diplomas, etc.

Pain in this area suggests that a person wants to have something to feel more confident, but does not dare to admit it to himself or others. As a result, he is forced to do everything himself, to throw everything on his back.


Bursitis is a topic of repressed anger. Man strives for perfection in everything, even in small things. He does not allow himself to be angry, and this anger is accumulating in the joint.
Arthritis is the thought that they do not like you.

People with arthritis are usually very regular people. For them the word «must» always dominates, they do everything through themselves, literally breaking through the knee. The «inner critic» is very strong.

Dislocations. Frequent dislocations of the limbs suggest that the person is too willing to manipulate themselves.
Problems with the knees — stubbornness, pride, repressed fear and reluctance to yield.

Excess weight.

If a person is overweight. Then he must reconsider his inner world. Often the body does not need protection from external influences.

Man is too vulnerable to society, to life in general. Sometimes speaks of a depressed desire to achieve what is desired. People who are overweight in childhood or adolescence. They often experience many humiliations, ridicule and insults in their treatment.


Problems with the legs indicate the conflicts of life principles. Perhaps you have a collapse of ideals, and, perhaps, you want something that contradicts your moral foundations.

The pain in the shin prevents you from moving forward, stepping or running, so it is related to our attitude to the future and our ability to move forward in life.


Doctors confirm that gastritis often occurs on the basis of experiences and nervous surges. Problems with the stomach indicate that you are in limbo, there is a lack of certainty in life, and sometimes even a feeling of hopelessness and doom is visited.

The stomach ulcer speaks of a sense of defectiveness, fear and insecurity. Appears also because of irritation, which is not released in any way. If these people spoke out, then there would be no ulcers.



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