Radiculitis. Treatment with folk remedies.Moisten a piece of clean, dense soft cloth with black radish juice and apply to the sore spot, wrap warmly. The compress, if a strong burning sensation does not appear, can not be removed for 2 days.

Put the grated horseradish together with the juice on the sore spot. If the burning sensation is excessive, you can mix grated horseradish with sour cream.

The familiar burdock (burdock) can also alleviate the suffering of a patient with sciatica. Fresh burdock leaves need to be washed, dry ones — doused with boiling water and applied back to the sore spot, covered with compress paper or plastic wrap, and on top — with a layer of cotton wool.

Grind the fruits of the horse chestnut into powder and mix in equal proportions with camphor oil and inner lard. Spread the mixture with a thin layer on a slice of brown bread and apply to the sore spot. (Moisture begins to ooze out of the bread.)

Spread the sore spot with a thin layer of honey and cover with 1-2 layers of toilet paper. Put 2-3 mustard plasters on top, on which, in turn, put a layer of plastic wrap, wrap yourself in a warm scarf or blanket. Burning sensations and deep heating should not turn into painful ones. The time of using the mustard-honey compress is no more than one and a half hours.

Gruel of radish or horseradish crushed on a grater is also effective. It is applied to the sore spot. To reduce «anger», you can mix the resulting mass with sour cream. In this form, these poultices are well tolerated by children.

Pour fresh birch leaves with boiling water, lay in a thick layer on the inflamed area and cover with thick paper or film. Wrap the patient warmly.

Tinctures from the roots of burdock on vodka or alcohol are useful. They are used for rubbing and compresses.

Help with radiculitis and fresh horseradish leaves applied to the sore spot. Leaves can be changed or applied for several days at once.

In equal shares, take thyme, chamomile, St. John’s wort, black elderberry color. Prepare a hot infusion from this mixture and make hot compresses with wrapping at night.



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