Rejuvenating face and neck massage.

Rejuvenating face and neck massage.

Massage techniques allow you to act on both the superficial and deep subcutaneous layers and the muscular skeleton, stimulating the active production of collagen and elastin. During the sessions, the activity of skin receptors is activated, which leads to an improvement in the state of the central nervous system.

Relaxing effect lets you relieve stress, improve mood, deal with chronic fatigue, stress, insomnia.

Contraindications rejuvenating facial massage

All massage techniques relate to physiotherapeutic procedures, therefore, have a number of contraindications. Massage is not carried out at:

diseases of the blood and blood vessels, accompanied by increased fragility of the walls of the capillaries and poor blood coagulation;
warts, moles and papillomas in the field of development;
mechanical damage to the skin;
infectious or allergic rashes;
acute neuritis of the facial nerve;
hypertension of 3 degrees;
sinusitis and acute sinusitis;
ENT diseases and diseases of a viral nature.
Procedures are prohibited immediately after chemical peeling and facelift operations. Certain massage techniques (sculpture, etc.) are limited by age: sessions are not allowed to spend up to 25 years.

Self Massage Tips

Before the domestic session, you must thoroughly clean the skin with the help of cosmetics, hot packs and peeling. Compress can be made using herbal infusions of chamomile, calendula, mint, etc. This will improve blood circulation, softens the skin and prepare it for further development.

Then the skin is necessary to put oil massage, a nourishing cream or cosmetic milk. Some techniques do not use additional funds or require the application of cream, talcum powder or natural olive oil.

What oils to use for anti-aging massage

Massage oil are selected considering the type of skin, techniques and possible allergic reaction. When using natural products, an allergy test is first carried out, otherwise there will be more harm than good from the session.

For dry skin as the base oil can be used from wheat germ, avocado, apricot or coconut. For a normal skin type, sea buckthorn, coconut, olive oil, shea butter, grape or sesame seeds are suitable.

For oily skin, peach seed oil, bitter almond oil is good. As esters can be used to pick up any scent or oil, depending on its useful qualities.

Self-massage techniques carried out stroking, tapping and slapping. When self-massage effleurage tips made simultaneously four serried rectified and fingers of both hands. In this case, the right hand acts on the left half of the face and the left, respectively, on the right.

Massage Rules

1. To begin with stroking massage follows the neck.

All movements should be performed with the back of the hand. On the side of the neck slide downward on the front side of the neck — the bottom up. The procedure must be carried out carefully to avoid injury to the thyroid gland (located on the front surface of the neck).

2. Then treat the submandibular region by patting the back of your fingers first with your right hand, moving from left to right, and then left in a mirror image.

3. The lower part of the face — the chin and cheeks — massage the palmar surface of the fingers, moving from the center of the chin on the lower jaw side and then upwards to the ear lobes.

4. The middle of the face (the middle part of the cheeks) should massaging palmar surface of the index and middle fingers in the direction from the corners of the mouth to the middle ear. Especially carefully stroke the folds and small wrinkles near the corners of the mouth. Do this first by relaxing your mouth muscles and then pouting your lips.

5. The upper part of the cheek massage tips of the index and middle fingers (Fig. 10). Then go to the stroking of the back of the nose towards the temples.

6. Massage the forehead spend with his middle and index fingers from the center to the temples and from the eyebrows to the scalp.

7. Smooth wrinkles between the eyebrows, having previously fixed them with the fingertips.

8. Very carefully proceed to massage the skin around the eyes. Try, without shifting the skin, to stroke the upper eyelid with fingertips in the direction from the nose to the temples, and from the temples — along the lower eyelid to the inner corners of the eyes (Fig. Massage around the eyes).

When massaging the skin around the eyes, patting with the pads of the middle and ring fingers and little fingers is also used, alternately striking them one after another.

9. When you double-chin face pat from the bottom with a wet towel or cloth. To this wet towel in water press, fold in half lengthwise or twist into a bundle, and holding it at the ends under the lower jaw, alternately pull, then loosen.

The main series of massage techniques should be carried out in a circle in a triple cycle:

— the first circle — easy shaking with the index, middle and ring fingers of both hands, folded together. Repeat 2-3 times;

— second circle — pressures with pressing movements. Repeat 2 times;

— the third circle — vibration (finger shower). Repeat 2-3 times, with oily skin — up to 4 times.

A series of massaging movements must be repeated. If you cannot complete the entire circular cycle of 2-3 doses, do the series once completely, otherwise the massage will not be effective.

Carry out the tricks most actively in the second round of the cycle, and start and end each trick with a light stroking.

Rejuvenating face and neck massage.

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