Renal disease.

Renal disease.

Kidney disease: herbalist advises.

Cleaning the grass is antitoxic.

Renal disease. Getting herbal medicine, as in tumorous diseases, wherever, to cleanse the body, that is, using antitoxic grass.
These herbs include such herbs as Chernogolovka, burdock and dandelion. These herbs are antitoxic drugs should be provided to the patient throughout the course of treatment. Renal disease.

Renal disease.

• For example, drugs are completely harmless, the roots of dandelion can be used continuously. Pour a teaspoon of ground roots with a glass of boiling water, leave for 20-30 minutes (before cooling). Drink a third of the glass infusion 3 times a day an hour after eating.

• Burdock roots and has a diuretic and antitumor and anti-toxic effect, so this is a triple place for tumors of the genitourinary system.
Renal disease.

• Grass Chernogolovka refers to a powerful tool, so cook in small doses: take a teaspoon of herbs is not broken (it’s very easy) a glass of water. Take one third of the glass an hour after eating.
After preparing the body cleansing the potent herbs (grass-cytostatics), the ability to fight tumors will have a strong therapeutic effect.

How to use herbs, cytotoxic drugs? Read here.



Почечная болезнь.



All will help Juniper. Bladder incontinence.

I suggest a recipe for those who suffer from an unpleasant illness. This is urinary incontinence. If someone has a weak bladder, drink a decoction of juniper roots. It will take about 5 liters of broth. The problem will leave you and you will forget about such a bad disease.

Collect juniper roots better in May and June. Then chop finely, dry and half-liter jar take 2 tbsp. chopped roots. And boil them for 15 minutes in a water bath was put and then infuse hour. Drink infusion can be, without limitation, at any time, instead of water. I half-liter jar drank 3 days. And he healed.

This recipe then gave a lot of people, and they, too, quickly recovered.


Renal disease.


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