Repeshka for women.

Repeshka for women.

An indispensable tool in gynecology. A tincture is prepared from it, which helps to normalize the cycle, helps with painful periods and erosion. For cooking, you need to pour 30 g of raw material into 150 ml of alcohol. Remove the medicine container for 10 days in a room protected from light. Shake the tincture daily.

Pass the finished medicine through filter paper. Take 10 drops up to three times a day.

With vegetovascular dystonia.

Chopped grass (20 g) pour boiling water (240 ml), insist 4 hours. Drink a filtered medicine of 55 ml with the addition of 5 ml of honey 4 times throughout the day.

In cosmetology.

In cosmetology, agrimony is used for the preparation of anti-inflammatory and anti-aging agents. The extract of this plant is part of gels, creams, balsams. When adding a pulp to shampoos, the hair becomes soft, shiny and strong.
You can independently prepare a classic decoction, use it to wash or rinse your hair.

Repeshka with weight loss.

Tea and decoction of this plant are often for weight loss. This helps to introduce slags, toxins, and other waste. Against the background of general cleansing, metabolism accelerates, cholesterol levels decrease, the body begins to work more productively.
For weight loss, you must complete a minimum of 2 courses. With proper, balanced nutrition, a pulp will help to get rid of 7 kg per week.

Collection for weight loss.

In equal proportions, it is necessary to take the following components:

leaves of lingonberry, birch, bearberry;
buckthorn bark;
pulp, mint, hay, oregano;
hop cones, linden inflorescences;
oats, gledichii.

In 330 ml of boiling water, pour 7 g of collection, leave for 1, 5 hours, filter. The resulting amount to drink per day, previously divided into 3 servings.

The duration of therapy is 15 days.

Repeshka for women.

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