Rheumatic arthritis, arthritis treatment.

Lilac from rheumatism.

Rheumatic arthritis, arthritis treatment.

Decided to share a simple, but very effective way to relieve the pain of the hands. Rheumatic arthritis, arthritis treatment. Someone from friends advised to make a tincture of flowers simple lilac.

To do this, you need to take a dark bottle. Fill it with lilac flowers, pour vodka and insist for two weeks.
After cooking, you just rub your hands at night.

I used this recipe. Although, I did not really believe in its effectiveness. But after two weeks I noticed that my hands are not aching anymore. But just in case, rubbing her hands with a lilac tincture for another couple of weeks.

And now seven years I do not remember about my rheumatism. Here is such a lilac!

Healing magnet.

Now many people have joint pain. From the pain of this procedure I advise.
We need to take two ordinary horseshoe magnets. Lead them on both sides of the knee for 15 minutes in the morning and evening. The course of treatment is at least a week.

This remedy is good not only for rheumatism. Even when the joints ache before bad weather. Now I’m just saving myself.

Acute rubbing.

I once caught a strange recipe, but it turned out to be so effective.
And the recipe is this:
in a large bottle to pour 200 g of olive oil. Add 10-20 pods of red pepper. Pour 200 g of purified kerosene. Shake well and insist in the heat for 10 days, shaking daily.

This mixture is rubbed overnight. In the morning wear warm woolen underwear and woolen socks. Try it — the recipe helps!

Baths from rheumatism.

A remedy for rheumatic pain is found. Honestly, it was not the first national recipe I tried. But, probably, this is what my body needed. So now I can safely share my, proven recipe.

I took a bath with a decoction of berries and juniper branches. My friends sent me medicinal raw materials.
It takes a handful of raw materials (and berries, and branches) to boil in a bucket of water for an hour. All this pour into the bath. And then you go to bed yourself! Lie and enjoy the medicinal juniper flavor for about twenty minutes.

Then — warm pajamas and a bed! As I understand, a great part in this business is played by the scent of juniper. And take a bath every day until the condition improves. Simply put, how pain will pass, that’s enough!

Onion ointment.

When rheumatic pain in the joints very well helps onion ointment. It is not difficult to cook it. It operates better than advertised.

To make an ointment, take 5 medium sized bulbs, 8 tbsp. spoons of vegetable oil and 3 tbsp. spoons of beeswax. Chop the onion. Fry together with butter and wax, lightly stirring, for 45 minutes, until the onion is light brown. Strain the mixture. Press the liquid with a spoon and cool.

Use the ointment simply:
Intensely rub it in the lower back or the aching joints.
It is checked up — by this ointment at repeated use it is possible to get rid of a rheumatism.


Rheumatic arthritis, arthritis treatment.

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