Rice face masks.

Rice face masks.

Rice for the face. Benefits. Action.

Rice contains many vitamins, namely vitamins B, E, PP, as well as minerals — (potassium, iodine, magnesium, iron, fluorine, selenium, manganese). Starch.

The action of rice on the skin:

Improves skin tone.
Cleanses cells of harmful substances.
Nourishes the skin, normalizes water balance.
Fights swelling.
Activates blood flow, accelerates metabolism.
Prevents the appearance of pigmentation on the skin.

Rules of Application

If you decide to do treatments with cereal culture, it is necessary:

Remove cosmetics.
Clean the pores of impurities, using a mild scrub, steam bath.
All ingredients must be fresh, of good quality.
Prepare the mask before use.
It is better to throw away the remaining mass, rather than put it in the refrigerator for reuse.

Procedures are recommended to do once a week, until the desired result is achieved. After a break is made, so that there is no habituation.

Rice face masks: the best recipes.

Facial mask of boiled rice.

The recipe based on rice has a whitening, cleansing effect. It fights the appearance of wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and elasticity.

Combine two tablespoons of cooked rice with the same amount of homemade yogurt. (You can use rye milk if it is too dry).

To the contents add one tablet of vitamin C, stir everything well. Apply the composition in an even layer on the problem surface and wait for twenty minutes. At the end of the time, rinse the mask with running water. Repeat the procedure once a week.

Rice broth face mask

The mask saturates the skin with vitamins and minerals, removes the old, keratinized layer of cells, rejuvenates, prevents the appearance of wrinkles and smoothes existing ones.

Prepare a rice broth. Take two tbsp. prepared mass, add the same amount of fresh mashed banana, one tbsp. olive oil. Stir the natural ingredients thoroughly until a homogeneous consistency.

Spread the contents on the pre-cleaned skin of the face, lie down to rest. Wait for the beneficial substances to be absorbed. After twenty minutes, wash with running water.

Rice face mask for wrinkles

Natural remedy has a positive effect on the skin, enriches it with vitamins and minerals and improves its elasticity.

Grind rice in a coffee grinder, (or buy ready-made rice flour), take two tbsp. mass. Add one tsp. sea buckthorn oil, one egg yolk, pharmacy vitamins A, E. Mix well.

Spread the mixture on the problematic surface, wait fifteen to twenty minutes. At the end of the time, wash with running water. To achieve a positive result, it is recommended to make a course of masks of eleven to fifteen procedures.

Rice mask for dry skin

Dry skin is delicate, it appears wrinkles early. Therefore, this recipe is especially recommended for owners of dry skin. It contains many nutrients, beneficially affecting the condition of the dermis.

To two tablespoons of boiled rice add two tablets of spirulina (pre-crushed), one tsp. jojoba oil, two beaten to a froth chicken eggs. Mix all the ingredients well to obtain a homogeneous consistency.

Using a trowel, apply the contents to the skin, hold for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash the mask off with slightly warm and then cool water. Chamomile decoction can be used instead of water.

Rice mask for oily skin

Ground rice for the face reduces inflammation, absorbs excess fat, enriches the skin with missing vitamins and trace elements.

To two tbsp. of rice flour add one tbsp. of liquid honey, one tbsp. of fresh lemon juice, two tsp. of peach kernel oil. Stir everything well so that there are no grains.

Spread the contents evenly on the skin of the face, wait twenty minutes. Afterwards wash your face with warm and then cool water. Do the mask once a week. Take a course of eleven to fifteen treatments.

Rice mask for aging skin

The composition helps to find youthfulness to the fading skin of the face, slows the aging process, fights wrinkles, nourishes, moisturizes, activates the production of natural collagen and elastin.

To two tablespoons of rice flour add 25 ml of milk, two tablespoons of fat cottage cheese, one tablespoon of sour cream. The milk should be heated slightly. Mix all the ingredients to obtain a homogeneous mass.

Spread the contents evenly on the problem surface, wait fifteen to twenty minutes. Then wash off the mask with running water.

Rice face masks.


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