rules of cooking in winter

Healthy Eating.

rules of cooking in winter.

Many of us are not just on their own experience convinced that freezes faster if the stomach is empty.
No wonder that nutritionists believe that the food in the winter should be as hot and beverages — hot or warm. rules of cooking in winterHere I am, having studied on this subject a lot of scientific papers, take the liberty to recall some basic rules cooking food in winter. 

rules of cooking in winter.

For example, vegetables in the winter is better to handle the heat, that is, boil or fry, rather than consumed raw. It will fall by the way winter table frozen mixed vegetables. Frozen vegetables retain most of the biologically active substances and vitamins. In addition, they are very fast and easy to prepare, which again is in harmony with nature, because of daylight in winter is so short.

Almost useless in the winter table greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers — they It contains a tiny amount the body needs nutrients and vitamins. Much more useful to bring you beets or carrots with sour cream. Do not overlook the radish and radish. These vegetables — a real storehouse trace elements. Such «winter» salads are much healthier and nicer to look at, if you add them fresh herbs — parsley, dill.

rules of cooking in winter.

Permanent guests at your table should be a winter sauerkraut. She — «champion» for the content of biologically active substances and vitamin C.
In addition, because in the winter the body spends precious calories to be protected from the cold, we finally can have more heavy and fatty foods. But the total calorie should not be increased at the expense of buns and cakes — best soup ponavaristee!

Particular attention should be paid to the winter fruits. It’s no secret that they are — a constant source of energy and vitality. But winter is not all fruits are equally affordable, and by choosing the fruit treats, think, and certainly if there are strawberries in winter? All in good time. And now abundant on the shelves of oranges, pomegranates, lemons.

• Orange can rightly be called the «king» of winter fruits. In winter, orange aliens literally occupy vegetable trays and our refrigerators. Well, right!
Orange — «Ambulance» with vitamin deficiency and loss of strength, inexhaustible source of vitamin C. And do not forget the orange peel, it’s a real treasure trove of medicinal substances. Remember how nice and helpful to jam tea candied fruit! And to prepare them, soak the dried peel in water to the bitterness left, change the water several times. Then cook it with sugar for 30 minutes on low heat, and 500 g of sugar glass of water should occur.

• Lemon — a panacea for the health. For example, in winter, when flu is often rampant, you can protect yourself from this infection, using instead of the usual butter lemon. Prepare it simple: for a moment put lemon in hot water, then miss with the skin through a meat grinder, add 1-2 tbsp. spoons of honey and mix with 100 g of soft butter. Stored oil is, as usual, used — too. The water with lemon juice — safe antipyretic. Believe me, when a small temperature lemon perfectly able to replace the pill!

• Grapefruit — «brother» of lemon and origin, and healing properties. It ripens in December, so perfectly preserved until the of June. Grapefruit improves digestion, lowers blood pressure, normalizes the liver, helps the body with vitamins.

• Pomegranate is used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. It quenches thirst and appetite, so indispensable for colds. Furthermore, garnet has a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

• Banana — starchy foods. Only in delicious, ripe bananas contain so necessary to us winter biologically active substances.


rules of cooking in winter.

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