Salad DIET.

Salad DIET.

Weight loss diet.

Salad diet — the best way to lose weight in the summer. Weight loss diet.
It was at this time of year we are available any fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. All these foods are rich in fiber and dietary fiber as well as vitamins and trace elements.

Weight loss diet. 

Salad DIET.

Salad diet will not only lose weight but to cleanse the body of toxins, improve skin and hair condition. Losing weight on a salad diet is due to the fact that the body spends a lot of energy to digest cellulose of greens and vegetables that have not undergone heat treatment. And the calorie content of fresh vegetables is good news:

Cucumber — 15 kcal per 100 g,
tomatoes — 20
radish — 16,
salad — 11,
spinach — 16.

Salad, seasoned with a teaspoon of vegetable or olive oil, should bring to the table with a piece of black bread. Satiate not worse than the meat dishes.

In addition, green herbs and vegetables contain chlorophyll — a specific substance, it helps plants take sunlight. Man chlorophyll and some accompanying substances normalize metabolism, are anti-cancer prevention, helping to rejuvenate the tissues and improve regeneration.

A red early fruits and vegetables have anti-cancer properties, are antioxidants and actively inhibit the process aging.
And the most pleasant for housewives: vegetable salads are prepared simply and quickly, because they do not have anything to boil them.

Duration salad diet 2 weeks, during which you can eat only salads and vegetables. Salads can be prefabricated or may consist of a single product.

Most importantly — do not mix fruits and vegetables in a salad. One has to choose just one thing — or only vegetables, or only fruit. As a salad vegetable salads, you can use lemon juice or olive oil.

Fruit salads seasoned low-fat yogurt or kefir. Salads is prohibited to add salt or sugar and honey. Vegetables eaten raw.

Estimated daily menu diet salad.

Breakfast: fruit salad with yogurt. For the salad you can use any fruit, preferably not too sweet. Ideal for diet citrus fruits, kiwi, green apples, but bananas and grapes are best avoided.

Lunch: vegetable salad, dressed with olive oil. Choose any vegetables except potatoes. For example, sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers.

Dinner: vegetable salad, seasoned with lemon juice.

Restrictions on volume of portions not. The vegetable salad, if desired, you can add fresh herbs. During the day, it is recommended to drink water with lemon, green tea, freshly squeezed juices. Before going to bed you can drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.

As you can see, salad diet provides quite a variety of dishes, everything depends on your imagination. If you are bored 2 weeks have some apples and cucumbers, create your own recipes, and diet time fly by. We in turn offer you some recipes for salads, which are suitable for salad diet.

Tasty and healthy salads.

Green salad

Finely chop polkochana salad «Iceberg», 2-3 cucumbers, garlic cloves, green onions and dill.
Fill with a mixture of unrefined sunflower oil and lemon juice.

Salad of Chinese cabbage

Mince Chinese cabbage, add half a tin of canned corn, chopped colored sweet peppers: red, yellow
and green. Fill yogurt.

Cucumber with tarragon

2 medium cucumber chop on a grater, add finely chopped beam tarragon. Fill yogurt.

Salad with oatmeal

Cut tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs. Leave for a few minutes to
He appeared juice. Now add a couple of spoonfuls of oatmeal flakes, stir and serve.

Light salad

Finely chop the cabbage and always promyat it with a little salt. Cut tomatoes into slices, add the parsley and dill and all mixed with yogurt.

Rocket salad with parmesan and tomatoes

Leaflets arugula mixed with small tomato-cream, add grated or sliced thin slices of parmesan cheese.

As Refills — 1 tbsp. spoon of lemon juice.


Salad DIET.

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