Save your legs.

Varicose veins treatment.

Save your legs.

When varicose veins useful honey compresses. On gingham applied layer of honey, close the lid of it, and vinyl chloride film bandage wide bandage. On the first day compress left for two hours, the second and third — for four hours and then overnight.

The course of treatment — 45-50 compresses. My feet after such procedures have become simply unrecognizable.

Do not forget about the feet.

Often in winter we have to go back home with a frozen and soaked feet. In addition, thick socks, stockings and closed shoes hamper access of oxygen, resulting in the skin occurs actinic.

To warm the feet and restore the circulation, prepare the bath with a few drops of camphor.

If the legs are not just a cold and freezed, it is better to «bring to life» contrast tray: Put two basin with hot and cold water.

First, on the lower leg a few seconds in hot water, then in cold. Repeat 5 times, finishing with cold water. You will not only restore the circulation, but also to take off daytime fatigue.

In addition, contrast baths — perfect tempering agent.

With the ever-useful cold feet foot bath with a gradual increase in temperature: lower leg in warm water and gradually add more hot until until you can tolerate. Time procedure — 15 minutes.


Save your legs.

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