Sea buckthorn for facial skin.

Sea buckthorn for facial skin.


Sea buckthorn for facial skin. The use of sea buckthorn for facial skin at home.
You can meet a sea-buckthorn tree with branches abundantly dotted with orange berries, near ponds and floodplains of rivers. Healing properties were widely used in antiquity, sea buckthorn for the face was the first treatment for various inflammations. Today, natural cosmetics will help give freshness and youth by erasing age-related changes.

The benefits of sea buckthorn for the skin

Useful properties of the berry:
1. Refreshes, tones;
2. Strengthens thin capillaries;
3. Whitens;
4. Struggles with age-related changes;
5. Restores a healthy color;
6. Treats blackheads and comedones.

Useful berry due to its rich composition:
vitamins A, C, group B, H, E;
organic acids.

In cosmetology it is widely used for dry, age, problem, and also for normal skin. Great effect on oily dermis with acne and acne. Contraindications — individual intolerance, wounds, burns, recent peels and hardware procedures.

Anti wrinkle mask

It will provide healing oil with maximum nutrition, hydration, effective for softening and toning the skin. Creating natural cosmetics at home, it is easy to smooth wrinkles, return a healthy matte color. Use recipes and for the prevention of the first signs of age.
1 teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil;
Art. a spoon of cottage cheese;
Beat the protein intensively, gradually adding nutritious oil, then introduce the grated cottage cheese on the sieve. Distribute the finished mass on the covers with a dense layer, applying from bottom to top, put a damp towel on top. Enjoy the action for about twenty minutes, after removing the leftovers. Repeat courses in ten / twelve sessions.

Acne mask

To deeply cleanse the skin, as well as reduce the secretion of glands, it is useful to use a berry recipe. Effectively against acne, as well as comedones, it helps to restore the healthy structure of the dermis. Thanks to the action of the mask, the inflamed places calm down, purulent formations pass faster.
Art. spoon of sea buckthorn berries;
a teaspoon of buckwheat flour;
2 drops of grapefruit ether.
Prepare mashed potatoes from sea buckthorn berries, grate on a blender and strain from solid particles. Then add flour and drops of ether. Distribute the product on steamed compress covers, paying special attention to problem areas. Finish in ten / twelve minutes, repeat spa care once a week.

Anti-aging mask

At the first signs of sagging and loss of elasticity, an effective anti-wrinkle recipe should be used. Thanks to the removal of keratinized cells, oxygen respiration improves and renewal processes go faster. The effect of rejuvenation is noticeable after the first procedure.
10 gr. sea ​​buckthorn berries;
5 gr. pumpkin seeds;
3 pcs. dried apricots.
Prepare a homogeneous mousse from sea buckthorn, grate it through a sieve, pass dried apricots through a meat grinder, grind the seeds in a coffee grinder. Combine all the ingredients, mix the gruel well, cleanse the face with thermal water and distribute it generously. The mask lasts about twenty minutes, after which it can be completed as usual. Apply after 30 years with courses in seven / ten sessions.

Lifting mask

For aging skin, with a network of fine and deep wrinkles, vitamin cocktails are recommended. Thanks to the provided lifting effect, it is easy to correct the oval and restore skin elasticity. Sea buckthorn recipes can also accelerate blood flow, improve the condition of capillaries.
Art. spoon of sea buckthorn berries;
a teaspoon of starch;
2 teaspoons sour cream.
Mix berry puree with corn starch, add chilled sour cream. Spread the mask with a spatula with slightly pulling movements from the bottom up. Enjoy the action for twelve / fifteen minutes, after which you can complete. Apply at least seven treatments every other day.

Whitening mask

You can improve the color, remove puffiness and refresh yourself with your own hands thanks to natural cosmetics. The vitamin product allows you to restore intracellular processes, to ensure a uniform distribution of melanin in the tissues.
2 tbsp. tablespoons of sea buckthorn juice;
activated carbon tablet;
a teaspoon of clay.
Grind the charcoal in a mortar, add clay, mix thoroughly with berry juice. Apply the finished product in a circular motion, avoiding contact with the eyelids and the mouth. Finish face care in eight / ten minutes, apply up to three times a month.

Nourishing mask

Provides a softening and nourishing integument home mask with sea buckthorn. Thanks to its unique composition, it is easy to rejuvenate, improve cellular respiration, and restore synthesis processes. As a result, fresh, renewed skin, with an even healthy color.
a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil;
2 drops of lemon ether.

Crush boiled potatoes in mashed potatoes, add oil and lemon drops. Apply the plastic mass in an even layer, firmly press it to the covers. Enjoy the action for fifteen / twenty minutes, after removing the leftovers. Apply the procedure once a week.

For aging skin

It has a rejuvenating effect on the skin, stimulates collagen synthesis processes, smoothes out static folds. You can use the nutritional composition for the skin around the eyes to relieve swelling, moisturize a thin, sensitive dermis. Natural cosmetics will ensure the freshness and youth of the face, reducing the manifestation of age-related changes.
2 tbsp. tablespoons of sea buckthorn berries;
Art. spoon of peach oil.
Pass the berries through a sieve, mix the resulting mass with banana puree and stone seed oil. Distribute the cosmetic mixture in a thick layer, covering the entire face, without exception. Hold for about fifteen minutes, complete care as usual. Repeat the procedure five / six times a month.

For oily skin

Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent for oily skin helps to get rid of sebum and clogged ducts. A cleansing procedure allows you to restore even color, soothe redness and inflammation. Sea buckthorn is effective for treating acne and acne, accelerates the healing process.
3 tbsp. spoons of a decoction of sea buckthorn leaves;
a teaspoon of bootleg;
a teaspoon of oatmeal.
Grind the flakes with algae into powder, pour concentrated broth. Distribute the mass on the integuments after cleansing, keep about twenty minutes. Rinse off in the usual way, use the mask twice a week.

Sea buckthorn for facial skin.

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