Severe stress.

Anti-stress food. Severe stress.

It is believed that the most terrible enemy, who destroys people mercilessly, is stress. Severe stress. In a state of stress, a person can have a gloomy, broken spirit. A heavy grievance, anger, spiteful envy, jealousy, even fear are in the soul.

In these situations, the vessels are compressed. Often to the extent that they may even stop the flow of blood. Under stress, the body secretes hormones into the blood, including adrenaline. Adrenaline narrows the blood vessels, raises blood pressure, activates the energy processes.

Get rid of stress! Severe stress.

The accumulated stress in the body must be removed in a timely manner. The most unpleasant thing about this is that this emotional poison is imperiously suppressed even by reason.

But the laws of emotions are as follows: once they have accumulated, they must necessarily be discharged. Many of our diseases result from untimely discharge of negative emotions.

From accumulating overstrain people get sick. Then they go to different extremes in search of relief.
Like stress, sudden changes in weather conditions affect people. For example, the passage of high or low pressure front. Also extreme geophysical situations.

In humans, heart rhythm becomes more frequent, blood vessels narrow or widen.

The best way to reduce stress is to distract yourself. Optimism in thinking, emotional peace, good nutrition, harmonious relationships, personal happiness — all this in a greater degree reduces the impact of stress on the body. But it is necessary to take care of the full restoration of forces.

Stressful situation requires a change in the food system.

And indeed it is! During this period in our body there is a great need for vitamins E, A, D, C.
Their deficiency violates metabolic processes. This leads to the appearance of arteriosclerosis of the vessels, the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Aging of the human body as a whole.

Therefore, the impact of an unfavorable geophysical situation on a meteosensitive person can be considered as stress. It requires switching the metabolism to another, protein-fatty type of food.

Scientists have determined that the energy intensity of food in this period should not exceed 1200-1500 kcal per day. A day for the «anti-stress menu» requires no more than 65-70 g of proteins, 85-90 g of fats, 220-250 g of carbohydrates.

Anti-stress food system.

• The daily ration should be distributed as follows. The first and second breakfasts together accounted for 30%. Lunch is 40%. Dinner — 30% of the daily number of calories.

• Do not overeat.

• Go to the protein-fat diet. Reduce the proportion of carbohydrates (due to simple).

• Include more plant foods in your diet. This cabbage,
beets, onions, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, berries, fruits and dried fruits.

• Take small meals at least 3 times. At a strictly certain time.

• Go to honey. Refuse from refined sugar.

• The last meal should be no later than 19 hours.

An approximate daytime antistress menu.

1 glass of juice (tomato, grape, apple) or berries, fruits or dried fruits from the evening. Porridge with butter or cottage cheese with sour cream — 100 g or fried eggs (2-3 eggs).
As an option: a piece of meat 50-60 g (boiled beef, chicken fried) or fish (cod boiled) with potato or vegetable garnish (stewed, baked or boiled vegetables).
Tea from the collection of herbs (fresh or dried flowers of linden, peppermint, lemon balm, currant leaves, blueberries, cowberries, raspberries, oregano) or a glass of warm milk.
Bread rye or wheat — 100 g.

Salad (sea kale or vegetables — grated carrots, chopped cabbage) or vinaigrette dressed with vegetable oil.
Fat first course — soup, borscht, broth. Meat or fish (about 80 g) with a vegetable complex garnish (mushrooms, beans, peas, lentils, etc.).
Compote, jelly, juice, infusion of dog rose (1 glass) or 1 apple. Bread — 100 g.

Salad from tomatoes, cucumbers, sorrel with radish, parsley.
Cheesecakes (cottage cheese pudding, casserole) — 50-100 g.
Tea or a glass of warm milk. Bread — 50 g.

At 21 o’clock — kefir (broth of wild rose) — 1 glass.


Severe stress.

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