Signs of atherosclerosis.

Symptoms of cerebral arteriosclerosis.

Treatment of atherosclerosis. Signs of atherosclerosis.

Changes in the patient’s state of health human atherosclerosis at an early stage is usually apparent only to himself, and then others.
The first stage is characterized by weakness. Then the memory deteriorates. And then the complexity of the transition from one activity to another. Significant changes in behavior are not observed. Signs of atherosclerosis. But often there are mood swings.

Signs of atherosclerosis.

The second stage is marked malice, temper, temper tantrums for no reason. The man often is in a bad mood, he does not want to work or entertain.
In some cases, on the contrary, there is an unhealthy euphoria. By all signs added suspiciousness and distrust. The patient is looking at the symptoms of cancer, or even of a deadly disease, goes to the doctors and offended if he did not find. Signs of atherosclerosis.

Also begins to suspect relatives and neighbors in the «conspiracy» against him, he invents incredible stories. We are suffering from atherosclerosis becomes illegible, there trembling of the limbs and problems with the adoption of food.

The third stage often leads to dementia. It is characterized by the loss of short-term memory. Although the events of the last patient are well remembered. This manifests negligence in the home and the loss of self-criticism. For example, a person can include gas, electricity, water and go out.

In stage dementia patient is a danger to himself and others, if you do not look after him; eventually lost the ability to self-service. Possible short-term loss of hearing or vision, a very high risk of paralysis or stroke.
Treatment of Atherosclerosis bring beneficial effects and suspend the growth of plaque in the vessels when it is started on the first or second stage. The last stage, unfortunately, usually hopeless, and the forecast is unfavorable.

Common symptoms of atherosclerosis.

Clinical manifestations of atherosclerosis do not occur immediately. Gradually develop. As the disease progresses, add new symptoms. This is a significant deterioration in the quality of life of the patient and his inner circle. So, what are the external manifestations of atherosclerosis?

• head pain of varying intensity and duration;
• tinnitus, temporary hearing loss, vertigo;
• Excessive anxiety, nervousness and suspicion;
• fatigue and reduced efficiency;
• poor coordination of movements and their slowness;
• not always intelligible speech and the inability to articulate thoughts;
• violation of swallowing;
• aggravation of the negative traits, sometimes reaching the point of absurdity.

Diagnosis of the disease. Signs of atherosclerosis.

To diagnose the disease, a specialist is important to know not only the clinical picture of the disease (complaints, symptoms), but be aware of the state of vessels, the resulting input various instrumental methods.
In the survey, the doctor discovers the presence of such symptoms in a patient:

• Frequent headaches that bother the patient constantly and especially with a strong overvoltage;
• Dizziness;
• The presence of noise in the ears and small «flies» in front of his eyes;
• Restless sleep and embarrassing;
• Increased sweating and flushing of the face and neck;
• Unclear gait;
• Increased irritability or vice versa delayed reaction and movement, speech;
• Problems with memory.

In addition to these complaints, the expert can obtain information about the patient is inactive lifestyle, smoking heavily, abusing alcohol or suffering from endocrine diseases, excess body weight.
For more information picture of the disease is applied ultrasound: with it you can set the stage of disease development.

• Ultrasound examination of extracranial nerves (duplex scanning);
• Transcranial Doppler (ultrasound study of intracranial cerebral vessels);
• The angiographic study. During his vessel administered contrast agent that helps to assess the degree of density of the walls. This method is in addition to the basic methods of examination.

These methods are painless, safe and very informative. Everything else is appropriate to the use of MRI, EEG.
Used laboratory tests (blood sampling and urine tests, blood biochemistry): analyzes give an opportunity to fully evaluate the state of health and to determine the level of cholesterol.

Progressive atherosclerosis.

In a state where the atherosclerosis progresses rapidly, the patient’s health status is compounded by sharply: all symptoms become pronounced.
For sleep problems, headaches joins mental lability, depression, problems with attention and increasing memory loss. Vertigo start trouble when changing body positions: from horizontal to vertical.

Such a patient may lose the ability to reproduce speech or loss of vision.
In favor of atherosclerosis progression may indicate loss of sensitivity of different parts of the body, paralysis.
If the symptoms are exacerbated in this manner, it is evidence in favor of necrosis of brain cells and irreversible changes in the brain.


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