Slimming for the lazy.

Slimming for the lazy.

«Only 1 cup in the morning minus 2 kg per day»

How many can meet women who go look good. But at the same time nothing to not deny. Men of these, too, can be found a lot. Weight loss is a laborious process. On the one hand, one has to limit oneself in many ways in order to achieve the maximum result. On the other hand, it is important not only to achieve the goal and reduce weight. But also fix the result. Most likely, the latter is the most difficult. For those who want to lose weight quickly and effectively there is a weight loss for the lazy. «Only 1 cup in the morning minus 2 kg per day.» What is this way of considering now.

Features diet for lazy on the water.

Being on this diet can lose up to 12 kg in 2 weeks. The main thing is not to break down again and not to dial them again. What are its features?

What is a water diet for the lazy?

According to reviews losing weight, for half a month to lose more than 10 kg of excess weight is quite real numbers. This diet is well suited to those who are not willing to spend time and energy to buy products. Cooking healthy foods out of them. Does not find time for a gym or other sports activities. That is why it got its name «for the lazy.» Minimum cost, maximum result.

Weight loss rules for lazy on the water.

Some may mistakenly assume that eating on such a diet should be in limited quantities. This is not true. The main thing — meals should be fractional and not more than 5 times a day. Be sure to count calories.

Your morning rise should definitely start with a glass of clean non-carbonated water on an empty stomach. Before breakfast you should drink 2 glasses of water.
After 20 minutes, you can start eating.
After 2 hours after breakfast you can drink a glass of tea or coffee without sweets.

Consume up to 200 grams of meat daily — rabbit, turkey, veal. Low-calorie fish are also acceptable in the diet.
Drink at least 2 liters of water a day.
It is desirable to supplement the diet with a vitamin complex.

With this diet, walks and healthy sleep are required — at least 8 hours a day. Breakfast is required.
Water can be replaced with green, unsweetened tea, preferably fresh.
Food intake is not recommended.

These are simple rules for losing weight loss.
Only 1 cup in the morning minus 2 kg per day. Water fasting awakens the body and starts the metabolic processes. In order not to miss meals, food should be cooked in the evening and take with you to work.

Pros diet for lazy on the water.

Already a lot of people using this method of nutrition. We have achieved weight loss.

The advantages of such a diet are as follows:

A person does not feel tired and frustrated by restrictions.
The body receives all the vitamins it needs with food, the diet does not harm it.
The condition of skin, hair and nails improves.
There is no possibility of overeating, because the stomach is filled with water.
The vital activity of the gastrointestinal tract is not disturbed.

Cons of diet on the water for the lazy.

Using this diet, you should keep in mind some contraindications.


Sitting on such a diet for more than 14 days is absolutely not recommended. Due to the fact that it is fraught with strong loads on the liver and kidneys due to the large use of fluid.
With a lack of multivitamins from the outside can cause health problems.
Diet is contraindicated in people with diseases of the stomach or kidneys.

Options for losing weight on a diet for the lazy.

Below we look at a set of small physical exercises. We also learn delicious recipes from ginger drinks that can be an excellent alternative to water.

Water consumption and exercise for weight loss.

In addition to the drinking regimen, easy physical exercises can be no less useful. They can even make «lazy.»
Exercises are quite simple. You can perform them without distracting from their usual affairs.

For example, sitting at a TV, you can alternately raise your legs.
Standing in line at the store squeeze and unclench the buttocks.
Such exercises are not time consuming and effortless. But there may be some way to tone yourself.

Drinks from ginger for lazy weight loss.

Below we look at the recipes for delicious and healthy drinks from ginger.

Drink with ginger and lemon for lazy weight loss.

For the preparation of the drink will need ginger root and lemon.
Cooking method. Ginger grate, add grated lemon to it and pour boiling water. Drink better insist in a thermos for 8 hours. Take better half an hour before meals. An even greater positive effect will be from taking it in the morning on an empty stomach.

Diet drink with ginger and green tea for the lazy.

Cooking is similar to the previous recipe. Rub the ginger, lemon and pour the mixture with green tea. Insist drink 6 hours and take before meals. Green tea can be replaced with broth hips.

Ginger diet precautions for the lazy.

There are some contraindications that are important to consider when losing weight. Not all ginger is suitable.

Diseases of the kidneys, the presence of stones. Ginger contains a large amount of vitamin C. This aggravates the course of the disease.
Ginger should be used with caution in people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In particular, it is impossible for ulcers, digestive problems.
Ginger is not recommended for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The whole secret of this diet is that there are no strict restrictions. The main advice is to drink water half an hour before meals. The stomach is filled with water and the brain receives information about satiety. This reduces the feeling of hunger. We kind of “cheat” the stomach. The only restriction — you can sit on such a diet for no more than two weeks.


Slimming for the lazy.

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