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About me: I am 38 years old, a former athlete — skier. Eight years ago, I left the sport — a century of sports not long. Health problems began immediately.
I am by nature a healthy and strong person, but the overload affected. For three years I was very stout.
The fact that the rabid training the body requires more calories and more food volume. When trained — all burned. A no-load all of this was deposited on the sides. And proteins are taken, too, have not been in vain.

Once I decided to have a baby immediately began general concern diagnoses: fatty liver, diabetes, hypertension, viruses and harmful substances. I gave birth to a dead girl — she was stopped at the end of pregnancy. Having lived through it just barely, I thought, I shall go mad.

But doctors still «finished off» — I told that I could not bear not one of pregnancies. Year fed hormones, antibiotics. As a result, added another allergy, me living space was not from scratching.

In addition, my weight has reached 108 kg. One clever doctor said hudey, half the problem will solve. Next year I tried everything to lose weight — different diets, hoods, belts, acupuncture — it is useless. Month starving, I dropped almost 16 kg and «oak did not give» when coming out of starvation. In addition, sharply rose sugar in the blood. A month later I won the previous weight.

Tell me what to do, woman, dermatologist, to which I went about allergies.
She called me three main rules:
— Starvation triggers stress for the body, and he catches her very quickly,
— You need to train yourself to eat moderately;
— Accept funds that are jammed hunger.

In Japan, where she was fat women it is very small, because they are long used the fungus, which somehow affects the hormonal system and muffles hunger. But the fungus is very expensive. She recommended that I take the tinder larch, which is very good at this task, and «Hibiscus» tea from the Sudanese rose. This method is currently satisfied with the discharge month once a year and recommends that all patients, because it absolutely kills the feeling of hunger.

In addition, I have started taking shiitake mushroom in order to work on viruses. I have to say, famine itself was not — I could sit only three days on apples or eat in the day only a handful of rice with corn.
I began to live according to this system in October. The very surprised — it was not as bad as during my hunger strike, when I think of what could not, except food. It went all right — there did not want to.

In March, I already weighed 63 kg. And then I decided that enough is enough, you have to stop. Imagine, from 108 to 63 — acquaintances did not recognize me and my husband a friend who knew me saw asked him — «you
that the new wife? «.

During this time, the doctors I no longer latent infections, viruses are gone, the pressure was, as a young man, sugar normal. And allergy also went, but sometimes there were spots of urticaria. I was flying from happiness.

However, it was necessary to replace the entire wardrobe. But it is a joy. And most importantly — at the beginning of next year I was born girl,
is healthy and large — 4300. And without any complications at me and her. So I’m absolutely happy person!
I am very grateful to the dermatologist, spiritual woman who told me to my course with ‘Hibiscus’ and medicinal mushrooms. I have asked her to be godmother to my little girl awaited.

The system on which lived six months:
Food without flour and sugar, meat only at lunch. In the morning — 20 ml of shiitake, infused Cahors (this is for the treatment of sexually transmitted infections and the normalization of the liver), 2 cups of «Hibiscus» with sugar substitute. Lunch in 15-16 hours — steamed vegetables, rice or just a piece of boiled chicken. Apples during the day.
«Hibiscus» saw to fight off the appetite. In the evening — vodka tincture larch Polypore (very bitter and nasty, but it opens up all the bile ducts, cleans the liver and suppresses hunger). Mushrooms accepted within three months.
And do not be afraid of hunger, there will not want to completely after two to three days — I myself are forced to eat an apple or a chicken.



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