Slow weight loss.

Slow weight loss.

I want to tell you about my experience of losing weight. After numerous attempts to lose weight, followed by weight gain, I came to the conclusion that it is better to lose weight in small portions. Let slowly but surely.

First, I began to get up much earlier in the morning. If you get up earlier, you will do more. You do more — you move more. You move more — you lose more calories. I replaced my rather hearty dinner after 19 hours with 2-3 apples or with a vegetable salad, sometimes yogurt.

Then I managed to quite easily go on a liquid diet. Saw only tea or coffee with sugar and milk or cream and slush from soups.

And got a double effect. I lost weight and cleansed the body well. Because for all these 40 days of a liquid diet, a lot of organic garbage came out of me every day.

True, I did another water enema. I didn’t feel any moral and physical suffering during losing weight. Everything was quite comfortable for the body. As a result, in a couple of months I managed to get rid of 4 kg and even a little more. I will continue in the same
the spirit is sure to succeed.

Is it possible to eat bananas for losing weight?

Some nutritionists consider the banana a natural antidepressant. Without bananas, it is simply impossible to strictly follow the diet. There is also an opinion that the sweet banana makes it easier to endure the rejection of more harmful delicacies — sweets, buns, cookies.

In addition, the banana maintains a constant level of sugar in the blood. Helps
avoid uncontrolled appetite when a person sticks to stress.

On the other hand, many slimming diets include bananas in the list of prohibited foods.
After all, the bananas caloric content is rather big — about 90 kcal per 100 g.

Most likely, it is true that losing weight can be without fear include bananas in your diet, provided moderate use.
Of course, in this case it is necessary to sharply limit or completely exclude from the menu
sweets. Such as marmalade, marshmallows and others, as well as portions of starchy dishes from potatoes, pasta and bakery products.

Slow weight loss.

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