Сommon cold.

According to an old recipe.

Сommon cold.

The best thing for a cold cough — centuries proven means — the heating of the chest. Only here is my way different in that for heating I use not the mustard plasters. Colds. Сommon cold.
Once upon a time, long ago, my mother told me how, in the old days, when there were no more mustard plasters, people were treated.

In those days, cooked honey cake on lean oil. She also played the role of mustard plaster, and managed even better. So in our family, this way of dealing with a cough has taken root. And, believe me, we do not need another!

A good prescription for sore throats.

Buy 50 ml of psyllium in the pharmacy for alcohol, put a piece of fresh propolis. Chat and lubricate your throat.
I had the strongest sore throat, I could not get out of bed, the temperature immediately rose to 40.
It was enough to anoint me with this medicine 3 times, and everything went away.

If you have a rhinitis.

If you are tortured by an acute cold, dissolve 100 g of fresh red beet juice with 30 g of honey. Bury 5-6 drops in each nostril 4-5 times a day. This is a good help for an acute and protracted rhinitis.

Particularly good effect gives the use of such a mixture in the common cold in children caused by adenoid growths in the nasopharynx. Drops will not relieve adenoids, but before resolving the issue of surgery improve breathing, reduce the secretion of mucus.

And with sinusitis and sinusitis to cope with the disease will help you honey combs. For 4-6 hours for 15 minutes hourly chew a piece of honeycomb directly with honey. Then spit out the chewed mass. By the end of the day the nose starts to breathe freely, the pain stops. Another week, chew honey combs once a day to prevent a possible relapse.


Сommon cold.

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