Сongestive heart failure.

Сongestive heart failure.

Cardiovascular disease.

Late in the evening, at the bus stop, the woman felt sick. Cardiovascular disease. A completely unfamiliar woman rescued. Without further ado and questioning, she began to rub the woman’s wrists between the first and second folds. And, you know, it helped!

We met, became friends and received from her many useful tips. They are very simple, and how did we not come up with this before? More this applies to people who are overweight.

• Be sure to clean up the intestines, as overflowing and swollen intestines press down the heart, and excessive fullness overwhelms the entire body with excessive weight, forcing a person to carry huge amounts of meat, fat and rotting waste in a crowded, sluggish bowel.

• Limit the amount of food, let it be smaller, but you will not get hungry if you eat on the principle of «freezing the worm», i.e. brought down signs of hunger. There are often, but few.

• Sitting on the bench before the entrance is replaced by quiet walks around the house. You can and with the dog. After all, communication with animals softens the soul and acts well on the heart.

• Learn to limit the depth of breathing, breathe quietly. It is especially important to superficially breathe those who have shortness of breath, poor sleep, weakness with sweating.

To develop a habit of easy breathing there is an ancient rustic way. Before going to bed, lying on your back, put a bag on your chest with warm salt (not hot). Relax, breathe quietly, as if you are hiding. After 15-20 minutes, you will feel that you are sleepy, your eyes stick together. Remove the bag and sleep. Learn to do this daily.

• And it is very important to accustom yourself to our turbulent, hectic time to calmly take care of what is happening around you. Learn to forgive, and your soul and heart will become easier.


Сongestive heart failure.

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