Sore throat compresses

Sore throat compresses

To warm the neck and chest at home, alternative medicine recommends compresses. For children, the application procedure is performed no more than twice a day, adults can repeat sessions every three hours. Once the sore throat and other symptoms go away, the compresses can be canceled.

Any warming compresses for the treatment of tonsillitis are dangerous when the body temperature rises, as the load on the heart increases.

1. A compress based on walnut and garlic helps to get rid of severe pain in 1 day. The kernels in the amount of a large handful are slightly crushed with a hammer, steamed with water and crushed garlic is added. After about twenty minutes, the water is drained, and the pulp is wrapped in an old sock. The compress is applied to the neck, fixed with a scarf. To achieve the effect of a single session.

2. A little ash is poured onto a piece of gauze. Applied to the throat, wrapped on top with a warm scarf. The procedure is performed at night. There is no trace of pain in the morning.

3. A slurry is prepared from fresh cabbage leaf, which is then transferred to a piece of tissue and placed on the neck. Sessions are performed every few hours. The recipe is used to quickly relieve pain in children and adults, effective if the sore throat proceeds without temperature.

4. An unusual compress helps in the treatment of chronic tonsillitis. Prepare it like this: walnut is divided into two parts. The kernels are picked, and crushed garlic is put in the shell. The resulting device is placed on the palms of the patient and fixed with an elastic bandage. The duration of treatment is two hours.

5. In a frying pan, heat the usual edible salt. Poured into an old sock and laid on the throat. Hold until cool, thus getting rid of severe pain. The recommendation helps to eliminate inflammation if a follicular form of pathology is observed.

6. In a ratio of one to one, 70% medical alcohol and cold boiled water are mixed. A few drops of lavender essential oil or eucalyptus are added. As a part, the fabric is moistened, imposing on the neck and chest before bedtime.
The recipe is not recommended for sensitive skin, otherwise a burn may occur.

Sore throat compresses

7. A potato compress is considered a good method for treating a child’s disease. The potatoes are thoroughly washed under running water, boiled together with the peel and knead with a fork. A spoonful of vegetable oil is added to the gruel. The mass is transferred to a gauze bag. They put a compress for the night.

8. If the disease is observed in adults, you can use raw potatoes. Three medium-sized root vegetables are rubbed on a fine grater, a spoonful of vinegar is added and placed in a cloth bag. Applied to the neck to relieve inflammation and facilitate swallowing.

9. Combine 100 ml of medical alcohol, 1.5 ml of novocaine, 1.5 ml of anestezin and 2.5 g of menthol. The resulting composition twice a day lubricate the neck, covering with a cotton cloth.
The prescription is contraindicated in the presence of abrasions and cracks on the skin of the neck.

10. If there is a cough with angina, a compress is prepared: six crushed cloves of garlic, six tbsp. l sunflower oil and two tbsp. l mustard seed. The mixture is triturated and applied to the patient’s chest. Top covered with cling film, wrapped in a scarf. Hold the compress for an hour.

11. Another mustard recipe. The seed powder in the amount of two large spoons is combined with a similar amount of flour, vodka and vegetable oil (it is better to use olive). Rub to uniformity and lay on the chest. The retention time is night.

Sore throat compresses

12. A piece of gauze is moistened in vodka and placed on the throat. Parchment and cotton wool are placed on top. Fix the compress with a bandage and a scarf. Perform actions before bedtime, leaving for half an hour. Repeat every evening for six days.

13. As part of a table of vodka and vinegar, gauze is moistened. It is applied to the throat, fixed on top with cling film and bandage. For warming, wrap yourself in a scarf. The exposure time of the compress is twenty minutes. Better to put to bed. Repeat for five days.
It is strongly not recommended to refer to the recipe if the skin in the neck is damaged.

14. Four small pieces of paraffin are melted in a water bath and allowed to boil. It is cooled to sixty degrees and distributed in several layers over the skin of the neck. Overlay a cling film and a scarf. Hold the compress for an hour.

15. Two glasses of river sand are heated in a pan. Poured into an old sock. A gauze is placed on the neck in the throat area, on top of which a compress is applied. Then they wrap a neck with a scarf. Perform a therapy session twenty minutes in the evening.

16. Prepare peppermint tea. A glass of therapeutic mud is added to 30 ml. The water bath is heated for five minutes. The neck is wrapped with a bandage, dirt is applied on top. Fix the compress with cling film and cotton. To create a better thermal effect, the neck is wrapped in a scarf. Leave a compress of dirt for half an hour. After the skin is thoroughly washed with running water.

Sore throat compresses

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