Spirulina for the face.

Spirulina The the face.

The benefits and recipes of masks.
Every woman can freely acquire a valuable type of algae called “spirulina” in a pharmacy. This inexpensive substance is sold in the form of tablets or green powder. In general, this product is positioned as a useful dietary supplement, but recently it became known about its external use to preserve youth and beauty of the skin. We need to buy a drug called “Spirulina” at the pharmacy, for the face we will use it as the main ingredient in masks. The powder is used in its pure form, and the tablets will need to be kneaded. These home remedies are completely safe and show good results — the skin is cleansed, smoothed and looks younger.

Spirulina and face masks.

Below we consider the preparation of homemade masks, which include spirulina. For the face, they are of great benefit. If you use these products constantly, you will not need expensive anti-aging cosmetics. It is optimal to apply algae products to the skin every other day (or twice a week) and keep them for about twenty minutes, then rinse with water. This is true for all masks described below.

Face rejuvenation.

The anti-aging effect of algae and natural oil in this case is complemented by a lifting effect, giving the skin elasticity and noticeable elasticity. So, to stop age-related changes on the face, we take a large spoonful of the “spirulina” powder preparation and dilute it with water to the consistency of porridge. Add a small spoonful of high-quality olive oil to the algae gruel and drip a little juice from the lemon. Apply this mask only to cleansed, moist skin. To get skin hydration, you can add liquid honey to this mask.

Skin nutrition.

To make a good nourishing mask, you will need an egg yolk, a large spoon of spirulina and half a small spoon of almond oil. We mix all the ingredients and apply on the face. It is excellent that this mask can be used for all skin types.


To prolong skin youth, you need a mask from a large spoon of spirulina, a small spoon of natural homemade sour cream and mashed squash pulp. The listed products are mixed and applied to the face.

Pore ​​cleansing.

To make a cleansing mask with algae, you will need a couple more products. We take one and a half small spoons of apple cider vinegar, a small spoon of spirulina, the same amount of food yeast and water. After mixing the listed components, apply the product on cleansed skin in advance. Such masks can tone the skin, restoring the oval of the face.

Against oily sheen.

To prepare this mask, you need a small spoon of spirulina, a large spoon of white clay and a couple of large spoons of pulp of healthy avocado fruit. Having mixed all the listed components, apply to the face. You can successfully use this tool for normal or too dry skin. Under the influence of this mask, the skin is moisturized and nourished. The excess sebum is removed and the face begins to shine not with a greasy sheen, but with freshness and beauty.

Using the described masks, you can feel how useful spirulina is for the face. Also, chopped oatmeal, bread, Chinese cabbage, sour milk, cottage cheese, cucumber, chamomile, green tea are added to home care products.


Spirulina for the face.

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