Steam inhalation for colds.

Steam inhalation for colds.

Steam inhalation is a method of treating colds, in which the respiratory tract is treated by inhaling wet steam masses. To do this, prepare a warm «bath» with different components, in particular with medicinal herbs.

Vapors saturated with medicinal components of the herbal collection are treated with a runny nose, cough, sore throat.

Warm steam stimulates blood circulation in the mucous membranes — and thanks to this, they recover faster. Also, the local application of herbs moisturizes the mucous membrane, relieves irritation, eliminates spasm and disinfects inflamed areas.

Inhalation is contraindicated for:

increased body temperature;
diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory system;
purulent sore throat;
allergies to any of the components used for the procedure.
For inhalation to be really useful and, most importantly, safe, it must be done correctly.

The «bath» must be prepared with non-hot water: hot steam is dangerous to inhale — it can burn the mucous membranes.

The procedure is performed 1–1.5 hours after a meal. You must not eat or drink for about 30 minutes after inhalation.

Adults can breathe steam for no more than 10-15 minutes. For children, the time of inhalation must be determined by the doctor.

Be very careful with steam inhalation. Therefore, before the procedure, you need to consult a specialist, especially when it comes to a child.


Eucalyptus root leaves    1 tsp
Birch buds    1 tsp
Peppermint leaves    1 tsp
Oregano herb    1 tsp
Mother and stepmother leaves    1 tsp
Chamomile flowers     1 tsp
Sage leaves    1 tsp


Mix ingredients.
Take 1 tbsp. l. collection and pour 250 ml of boiling water over it. Leave the mixture to sit and cool. The optimum temperature of the infusion for inhalation is 70 degrees.

Pour the required amount into a warm-humid inhaler. Press the mask to your face and begin to inhale: gently, in small portions, evenly. The procedure is carried out once a day for 10-15 minutes or during the time determined by the doctor.


Moisturizing the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.
Dilution of phlegm when coughing.
Antibacterial action.
Removal of spasm and swelling of the mucous membranes.
Elimination of sore throat.

Steam inhalation for colds.

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