Stomach treatment.

Okra from ulcers and colds.

Stomach treatment.

They say that sometime, about 100 years ago, okra was in every garden.
For example, it is known that okra was successfully grown in the Moscow Region Melikhovo great Russian writer A.P. Chekhov.
But in our time, many are rediscovering this useful plant.
It is worth one day to try prepared delicate ovaries of its fruits, and it will firmly be prescribed in your garden.

Bamia (its other names are the color, gombo, lady’s fingers) — this is an annual plant from the Malva family — a typical tropical plant of the Malvian family, originally from Africa, where it is now grown on large areas.

Also exotic okra grow in all warm countries of Asia, Africa and America, in Southern Europe. In our open ground, okra can grow only in the South of the country, but in other regions it can be successfully grown through seedlings, using greenhouses and shelters.

Bamia is a plant that is heat-loving, its shoots do not tolerate even minor frosts, but with the onset of warm weather, plants grow rapidly and blossom.

Usually flowering lasts from July to September.
During flowering, okra does not stop growing.
Flowers bloom above the trunk and form the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th floors of the fruit and up to the 12th row.

The fruits of okra are pyramidal oblong bolls 10-30 cm long. Seeds are round dark green, gray or olive.
Fruits contain quite a lot of protein and vitamin C, sugars, pectin substances, carotene and B vitamins.
Because of the presence of mucous substances, they are especially valuable for dietary nutrition of people suffering from gastric diseases.

Dishes from okra are recommended to patients with a stomach ulcer and gastritis, with nervous diseases.
Decoction and extract from fruits of okium are used for colds and coughs.
Bamia has the properties to restore the exhausted forces of the human body.

Infusion of the roots of okra:

2 tbsp. Spoons of crushed roots pour 500 ml of warm boiled water, insist 1 hour, filter, add sugar or honey.
Take 1 tbsp. Spoon 6-8 times a day with coughing, hoarseness, inflammation of the respiratory tract.
The green fruits of okra, which are eaten fresh or salty, are also good for coughing.

Summer salad from okra.

Take the green seeds of okra (seeds of waxy ripeness), pour into a colander and dip into boiling water for 3 minutes. To pull out on a dish, to acidify with a lemon juice, salt, add onions, greens, pour oil, sour cream or mayonnaise. Salad ready.

Coffee from okra.

From well-ripe seeds you can make coffee. Grind the grain, grind it in a coffee grinder and brew it like coffee. The drink does not contain caffeine and is pleasant to taste, has an emollient, enveloping effect.


Stomach treatment.

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