Stomach ulcer.

Stomach ulcer.

One of the most common diseases in our country is peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum. Stomach ulcer. It is accompanied by increased or decreased acidity. And in each case it is necessary to follow a certain diet.

If the stomach ulcer has become aggravated.

With the aggravation of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, special treatment methods are needed.

Daily in the morning on an empty stomach 1.5 hours before meals you need to drink 2 raw protein. Before going to sleep do the same. Continue treatment for a week. Helps with an exacerbation or bleeding ulcer.

Raw buckwheat and slightly fry in a dry frying pan. 3-4 tablespoons of cereals in the evening soak 10 tablespoons of boiling water. Preferably in the thermos.
Eat for the first or second breakfast. The course of treatment: from 1 week to 1.5 months, depending on the patient’s condition and compliance with the diet. This is a good treatment for the acute phase of peptic ulcer.

When the pain snaps suddenly.

You can grate fresh chicken yolk. Add about the same amount of cocoa powder, butter and honey. Stir the mixture until smooth. Take 1 tablespoon every three hours. But not later than half an hour before meals. The first attack is rapid. But you should take this mixture for two weeks. A day usually needs to eat at least five servings. After a two-week break, the course can be repeated.

With increased acidity.

Of the foods recommended for acidity, first of all, one should mention whole milk. It reduces gastric secretion and supplies the body with the necessary amino acids in the optimal ratio.
With poor tolerance of milk, you can add it to tea and drink after eating.

Also useful products include cream, non-acid curd; boiled, stewed, baked vegetables; All cereals, except millet, pasta; lean meat, lean fish and poultry; non-acid varieties of apples, pears, bananas.

Under the ban, all sokonnye products: strong and fatty broths (meat, fish and especially mushroom); raw vegetables, pickles, marinades, hot vegetable snacks; smoked products; dough, pies, black bread; ice cream, cold drinks; alcohol, cigarettes.

To reduce acidity, use the St. John’s Wort, nettle, marigold, calendula, medicinal letter.

Take equally chamomile and lime flowers, St. John’s wort and yarrow, birch buds. Brew 1 tbsp. spoon collection of steep boiling water in a porcelain teapot. Insist 10-15 minutes. Take 1/3 cup in between meals 3-4 times a day for a month. After 4-6 weeks, repeat the course of treatment.

Take 3 times a day potato juice — for 0.5 cup for 30-40 minutes before eating. Also carrots — 0.5 cup per hour before or 1.5 hours after meals.

With reduced acidity.

With reduced acidity, low-fat meat, fish, poultry, boiled, chopped, baked or lightly fried, but without breading in breadcrumbs or flour, are allowed; soups, meat, fish, mushroom, vegetable, cereals; whole milk only in dishes and drinks (porridge, cocoa), fermented milk products, cottage cheese, soft-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs; well-boiled porridge, boiled pasta.

Not recommended: sharp, salty, fried foods; meat and canned fish; soft bread and other fresh products from yeast dough, baking; alcohol, cigarettes.

To increase the acidity, use aire, anise, aloe, triple leaf watch, dandelion root, eleutherococcus, kalina, red mountain ash and rosehip.

Mix equally the leaves of mint and plantain large, flowers of immortelle and chamomile, grass motherwort. In the evening, pour 2 tbsp. spoons of collection 3 cups of boiling water. Close the lid and leave overnight. In the morning strain.
Drink a slightly heated infusion of half a cup for 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day according to the scheme: one month — treatment, the other — a break.

Take 2 tbsp. a spoonful of plantain juice, or 1/2 cup warm cabbage juice — 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day for a month.

The production of acid in the stomach will increase the juice of black currant, chokeberry and cowberry.


Stomach ulcer.

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